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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

little tokyo with anthony

always a great time in la, went to little tokyo with anthony had some mochi green tea ice cream, bought myself this cute little owl wallet, stopped into american apparel and anthony asked me if he should dress up more like the types of guys i like i was like what type? he's all the ones who wear cardigans? haha the girl who worked there was passing by when ant said "see i would wear that but no shorts that's just gay" and she started laughing hahah you KNOW that even when the sales girl laughs the mannequin DOES look pretty flaming ha, anyways all i dough there were some nail polishes grey teal and a maroon one ON SALE SCORE!, then went to far bar & chilled walked into senor fish then right back out ha it smelled like piss for some reason?! i dunno overall great day with my best friend in la can't ask for more :) ps-LOVE my new wallet!

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