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Sunday, August 21, 2011


You know what sucks when you're in bad mood or just feelin a little down due to family, work, your relationship, etc , and then not having close girlfriends to vent to THAT sucks. [FACT EVERYONE NEEDS TO VENT]This is exactly why you have to be your own best friend, because people are fucked selfish assholes. You can't expect a good friend if you're not a good friend to yourself first. Which is exactly why everyone should know how to get themselves out of a shit mood, never rely on anyone. The truth is you came into this world alone & you were fine, you will die alone too and guess what ? it'll be fine. I could go on for days about how fucked up the closest girls I've ever had and let into my life have fucked me over at the end of it all but I won't cos it's in the past where it belongs. Lesson learned, I no longer get to close to girls cos they are so 2 faced at the end of the day, they befriend you for years, close like a sister, know each other families, hang out daily, all that bff shit only to reveal there true colors at the end and make you feel like you were fooled the entire friendship NO THANKS I'd rather be alone than miserable. Always remember to strong you have to be there for yourself because everyone one else will try & try to break you apart but at the end only you can pick yourself back up not anyone else. That's the truth, Fuck people sometimes, and know your worth know what you can & can't put up with, never make exceptions and never let anyone make you feel less than you are, if you're feeling like a worthless fuck well ask yourself are you? answer no NO you're not a worthless fuck, so quit feeling bad it's a waste of fucking energy and trust me no one else wants to be around someone who's down either so remember alone does not have to mean lonely. I know who I am I know what I believe and I know I don't need anyone to feel better, although I do also believe it IS nice to have close girlfriends that aren't 2 faced fucked up selfish bitches and it is nice to be in a relationship and have a boyfriend where there is all ups no downs, BUT this is unrealistic people are not perfect, there's no such thing as a relationship with all ups and zero down and although it IS realistic to have a close girlfriend around I guess in my case they didn't last as long as I had hoped for in my life, as for my guy friends even though they are there for me there's just some things only girls can mutually understand with other girls. I guess this just means you have to really be there for yourself, because you should never count on anyone else to bring you happiness, you hold the key to your own happiness as well as your own misery.