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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Seriously I love this tee shirt<3
someone should buy me this lease & thank you

Um excuse me but

Lust, I've missed you where have you gone?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just want to sleep for a month.

seriously I just wanna sleep like this dude.

  • No bullshit from people
  • No fakeness from people
  • No friends
  • No spending
  • No food
  • No texts
  • No facebook posts idgaf about
  • No hearing about ex's
  • No hearing about old friends
  • No hearing about coke whores
  • No dealing with idiots
  • No drinking
  • No going out
  • No problems
  • No lies 
  • No disappointment
  • No worring
  • No stressing
  • No annoyances
  • No dealing with any fucking thing & everything.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things I find super attractive guys do, say, know, or have

  • be intelligent
  • have manners
  • not be shy
  • like a challenge
  • sing out loud in the car, at shows, wherever he feels like it
  • give as well as know how to take a compliment
  • make goofy faces
  • make that sexy half smirk
  • have swag
  • smell really good
  • have muscular arms
  • look handsome NOT cute
  • tell me about their day
  • have the same taste in movies as i do
  • be strong, physically, emotionally and mentally
  • know how to drink without getting sloppy
  • have broad shoulders
  • pull off being scruffy as well as not being scruffy
  • dress like gentlemen
  • be funny
  • press their lips together
  • get frustrated
  • know when to leave me alone
  • know when to approach me
  • like the music I like
  • tell me about music I might like
  • take me to shows where good bands or artists play
  • dance like fools
  • hold my hand while walking through a crowded room
  • be flirty with me
  • use proper grammar
  • be mature
  • carry an interesting conversation
  • ask me how my day was
  • open doors
  • tell me stories, experiences, jokes
  • don't mind that I'm a biter
  • say please & thank you to people we encounter while being out
  • sleep or lay beside me, without cuddling
  • give me that raised eye brow 'hey there' look
  • wear nice kicks
  • have those morning eyes they have the minute they wake up
  • ask me to text them once I get home
  • not think its weird that I enjoy tracing his lips
  • like the same mlb team as I do
  • be hard working
  • strive and have real passion for something meanful
  • be genuine
  • find my clumsiness cute
  • not get jealous, or try and make me jealous
  • have confidence 
  • know when to be aggressive
  • be random, and like that I can be random sometimes too
  • are good with their hands
  • can be man enough to talk about shit when needed
  • be charming
  • act silly
  • being straight forward
  • make me wear their coat/sweater if outside cos he doesn't want me to get sick
ps-YES of course I realize there's not ONE man that has every single thing on my list THAT would be nonsense! This isn't a check off list, just my opinions stated that's all. ENJOY! FYI these are my likes NOT standards it'd be a shame if someone was that picky ha- xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

Redondo Beach and Green tea ice cream

Some pictures from Redondo overdosed on sea food that day no lie, it was bomb though & of course I saw the had green tea SOFT SERVE ice cream and couldn't resist FATTY and a half lol fuck it, I've been working out everyday since the new year & I LOVE my results :) a little indulgence is ok right? YES!
OFFICIALLY booked our Coachella home for like the 3rd time NO MORE FINALLY! I’m SO excited! Can’t wait for this amazing weekend of drinking ALL day long, horrible dieting, no sleep, insane heat, less than 5 hours of sleep a night, and meeting tons of randon music lovers, all for what FOR THE BEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES!!! CAN’T WAIT LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! 84 DAYS TO GO!
This video gave me chills
so stokkedddd! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm going to bitch

  • Hate how 2010 left me jobless, careless assholes no one is fucking hiring right now FUCK! 
  • I have bills shits about to get REALLY hard in about 2 months! Therefore I need a job like oh um TODAY!
  • My gas tank disappears way too fast.
  • People in these dam love triangles, why does everyone HAVE to know everyone!
  • Friends who get mad for no good reason fucking cry babies!
  • Friends who only want you around when they need friends I HATE THAT SHIT!
  • Seeing people I'd really rather not on facebook's 'who you may know'
  • Pitty parties we ALL have issues calm down & don't overreact, it'll get resolved eventually.[this post is NOT a pitty party I did warn I was going to bitch didn't I, YES!]
  • I swear my hair stopped growing, serious.
  • Also if I would have been aware I wouldn't be working I wouldn't have dyed my hair black after about a year of letting my real color in, so I could have gone back to red. TOO LATE NOW DAMMIT.
  • I've kinda lost my way, but I haven't given up, I just hate not knowing what's gonna happen now.
  • Where did all my necklaces go? 
  • Not in school & no money to take any road trips WTF!
  • Changed my number to avoid coke whores & psycho ex's only for some new idiot to keep texting me, when I said WRONG NUMBER!
  • I'm in desperate need of a ladies night, but I'm always the dam DD what's with that?
  • Parents. That's all I'm going to say about that!
  • I miss sushi dates, actually all lunch dates or dinner dates not even with dudes with my girl friends too.
  • Haven't been to a show in ages I miss them.
  • Why must you tell me about my ex? Outta sight outta mind I DON'T CARE! You shouldn't either.
  • Need a new way to get rid of frustration gym isn't doing it for me anymore.
  • Having a car payment which means no moving out for the next 4 years GREAT.
  • Did this bitch REALLY have to date the last guy I actually had true feelings for, I'm over him yeah but seeing her with him is fucking annoying, she was like my sister, ex bffs should just stay away from guys I date, don't needa see that.
  • Hate how people call me a bitch cos I say how I REALLY feel, truth hurts SO DEAL. It's not hating it's saying what we're ALL thinking relax you're NOT better than me cos you don't speak your mind OK.
  • My legs I just hate them end of story, don't tell me they're fine. They may be to you, but not to me issues YEAH WHATEVER.
  • Why do people talk about each other on FB but don't use names IDIOT we ALL know who you're talking about DUMBASS.
  • AND lastly what the fuck is going on with my sex life right now?! FUCK IT'S ALL JUST STUPID.

OK i'm done bitching, glad I got it all out there :) & about the picture HOT SHIT RIGHT? haha

ps-haven't really blogged lately cos I haven't really had anything blog worthy to be honest, this is just a big rant SORRY next blog will be todays beautiful beach pictures. xx

Sunday, January 2, 2011


3 things I have been wanting for some time now, 
through black and white pictures of course.

Long hair, as long as that girl in the picture,
 meeting a scruffy gentlemen,& those thigh high lace tights.

Please & Thank You.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

nice to finally meet you 2011

So happy you're finally here  
ps-BE AMAZING, BE THE BEST SO FAR! please & thank you♥

Now for some 2011 goals:

#1 Fuck Paul Rudd hahah jk! But seriously Paul Rudd, 
if you are reading this, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY ANYTIME YOU WANT ;) 
ok lolz kidding again calm down, lighten up it's a new year people !!!

Now seriously though goals for this year!

#1 On my list, get another kick ass job, be amazing at it, make that money i need to keep paying off my car, school, books, cell & insurance. Make the money i need to keep being independent!

#2 Get keep getting my education cos that piece of paper that says BA or MA on it, is going to help me be my own boss eventually.

#3 Stick to my 5 year plan & not let anything get in the way of it. ANYTHING.[Including drugs, guys, & definitely no dumb broads or coke whores.]

#4 Get healthy SERIOUSLY i need to lose weight,no I'm not trying to be a size 0 either just stay fit & just be healthy, start eating healthier & stay committed to working out daily. Also stay drug free! been drug free since 4/20/08 & i plan on keeping it that way. you know my mottos: HUGS NOT DRUGS BABY! & IF IT AIN'T TIGHT IT AIN'T RIGHT!

#5 Break some hearts JUST KIDDING! NO, how about meet someone worth meeting!!! YES I'm not trying to find a keeper, we all know I don't believe in that, but having someone around would be a nice change, so I guess it's time to open up again & meet someone who's worth meeting, NO D-BAGS this time! or psychos! FUCK NO! Fuck ALWAYS having horrible timing when it comes to meeting great guys! NO MORE OF THAT! 

#6 Once i get that great job I'm going to get, start saving & not spending! all my savings went to my car last year which was great because it helped me to get myself my own car but I  never continued to save after so LESSON LEARNED start saving once again.

#7 Always stay professional & classy, why? COS I'M A LADY! that means less cursing for reals! It's not lady like at all! & i know this but i still curse like a sailor sometimes, hanging out with guys 24/7 is NOT an excuse anymore, I'm a lady not cursing includes acting like a lady SO from now on I'm going to tone it down, maybe not so much on my blog but definitely when talking to people face to face cussing ain't cute, time to quit that ish!

#8 Start going to more shows! i miss them! i wanna see morrissey this year again i have no idea if he will tour again but he does I'M GOING! passion pit, lykke li, cool bands, dope tunes lets go! coachella if the line up doesn't suck again, i want to go!

9# Last but NOT least STAY TRUE, to my self, to my morals, like i have been. Just continuing in my morals, because they are good ones! maintain my positive attitude & never let shit bring me down. lifes too short to hold onto grudges & deal with bullshit & drama. TOO SHORT fuck that I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT!