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Thursday, August 5, 2010

dresses owls and cupcakes

ok so first things first, my package came in the mail today! i ordered 2 kimchi dresses! one in baby pink & one in black cos i mean who doesn't need a lbd BUT I bought it for a wedding, my cousins actually, and I dunno if I should keep the pink or the black for the wedding its at night but the pinks cute but the black is pretty too... bottom line I like both & I can't freaking decide HELP?!? so here's both pink & black dresses
here's the close up of the detailing on the dresses

and here's the pink

no ideaaaaa which to choos. Is it dumb to have the same dress in 2 colors??? kinda right? help!
AND second I've been baking! I love the cupcakes I made! look

owl cupcakesssss! oreos & cake frosting goes a long way!

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