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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Want The One I Can't Have

you're handsome as a devil, 
your genuine, you're definitely not shallow, 
your a nice sweet guy, you have sexy long hair, 
you have a gorgeous beard i adore, your tall, pale and classy, 
you're always dressed like a real gentlemen, you have a nice set of smackers,
i find you incredibly attractive when i see you around your always looking dapper.
BUT none of this shit matters cos i will never have the balls to ever tell you any of this, 
and i come off the wrong way when it comes to you because obviously you're not interested otherwise you would have made a move by now and i'm way too much of a dam pansy to make the first move myself 
so this is all pointless, you're a charming man i will never have that's all nothing less & nothing more, 
it's all you will ever be so next time i see you and i give you that 'oh hey how ya been smile' & small talk 
inside i'll still think your one handsome SOB i'll never ever be lucky enough to have, 
we adore those who ignore us & ignore those who adore us. sad but so dam true.

ps-of course there's a moz song that relates to my mood right now duh Moz is in my head sometimes enjoy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY went swell

 bought this black romper from H&M i'm still thinking about ?!?!? dont get me wrong its super cute i just don't know if i'd wear it that much tho we'll see i guess cos it IS cute!
  bought this Dotted top from Express, Express had a 40% off everthing till 10 a.m. deal SCORE!!!!
LAST but not least i went to  Cotton On if you haven't been to one you're missing out, i bought 3 cardigans that came out to be 15 bones they had a 30% off everything sale which is dam good since cotton on isn't even expensive at all, and my russian doll mug<3 i love bubushkas i saw this much & grabbed it LOVE IT!

 ANYWAYS other than black friday i've been listening to lykke li a lot more than usual i wanna see her live so badly again she's awesome this songs so cute is lykke li covering KOL's knocked up

"I don't care what nobody says, no, I'm gonna be his lover
Always mad and usually drunk, but I love him like no other"

ALSO i had a great thanksgiving even if half my family was outta town, super thankful for so much in my life, too many things & people to name but i do appreciate so much & i'm lucky to have ebverything i have in my life<3 cos life is great :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, heaven knows i'm miserable now

just wanna say my sunday was CRAZYYYYYYYY! dont remember a good 3 to 4 hours of what happened and i've had people come up and tell me stuff for the past 2 days, and i'm just like what? that happened? really ? no way? i don't remember shit :(
ughhh NEVER EVER drinking on an empty stomach ever again, i regret drinking that night
1- cos i hadnt drank in over a month so it it me harder
2-i didnt eat like a dumbass
& 3-i hadn't drank beer in months and instead of sticking to my liquor i went with beer instead

i think i fucked up mostly cos i didnt eat but still i never want to black out like that ever again throwing up is disgusting & blacking out is even worse SO not lady like at all really disappointed in myself, i hold myself to higher standard than that and i feel like shit about being that drunk, everyones been cool saying so everyone else was drunk too but i cant help but feel like i myself should have known better, i laugh at stupid ass drunk girls that cant hang this time i was that stupid ass drunk girl who couldnt hang :( KARMA'S A BITCH and i guess we all learn from our mistakes right,
well lesson learned NEVER drink on an empty stomach!
sooooooo embarrassed about everything,shame shame shame!
i'm young we all make mistakes but i plan on learning from this one & never ever making this mistake ever again. first and last hangover indeed kiddos, ps also i think my celibacy has made me become the "instigator/too happy/really friendly drunk i used to be the chill funny happy drunk wtffff :( not having sex is ruining me i swear it is!2010 was the year of no penis for me lol
on a lighter note listen to moz<3 its good for you!


i actually went in to there store today & came up on this beauty i love it!!!
ps-yes i try things on in the dressing room then text people a picture & get their feedback on it hahaha my text "you think the pockets on this dress make me look prego" HAHAHAHA

cant wait to wear this stuff out i love fe<3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

shoulda coulda woulda

i regret not getting these 3 years ago in sm when i had the chance to & now that they no longer make this color in glitter toms i'm sad :(

ALSO I found out today my phone comes in red or white WTFFFFF! i'm exchanging this shit tomorrow!!!
and look how cute the red & white is! i dunno if i should stick to red or go white I've never had a white phone before looks pretty flyyyyyyyyyyy!



HANDSOME DEVIL<3 jgl he's soooooooooooo fine

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what is with guys these days?

BEING or TELLING someone you're pussy whipped is thee HUGEST turn off ever, 
no girl wants to hear that dummy!!! whats wrong with guys these days serious
ps-if i wanted to be with a pussy i'd be a lesbian duh!

& i still feel like true gentlemen are like dinosaurs EXTINCT!
all the sluts & cheaters have ruined the good men, turning the into scum
i know there's still some gentlemen out there but seriously, there's few & i totally understand why, i really feel like sluts ruin the good ones & the rest are already jerks,
i miss east coast dudes :( always such manners always gentlemen k i'm done venting/bitching i was just trying to say 1-men shouldn't be all pussy whipped it's disgusting & 2-true gentlemen are becoming extinct cos sluts ruin them, least i haven't come across one in some time now & i'm starting to think i won't

Monday, November 8, 2010

dance like ciara

DO IT!!! it's a great work out the pussy pop & hip rolls i cant do that floor thing she does about 1:30 minutes in cos i don't have hardwood or marble floors & i cant slide like that on carpet :/ but the rest i have down lol
weird i know right but i was bored & wanted to workout without driving to the gym so i started to learn her routine for this video its fun!!! hahah i can see why girls go to those stipper pole classes to work out i wanna do that next who's down!!! ha

Saturday, November 6, 2010

haha we love this song way too much!

Doin it and doin it and doin it well...

I went to santa monica yesterday to get my mom something for her birthday and i said i'd get only one thing for myself if that since i do have bills after all & i fell in  love with like 5 things ha so this dress from Foreign Exchange is adorable!!! i need something to wear with my new thigh high jeffrey campells see here : jeffrey campells so when i walked into urban and saw this skirt i was like OH YES! PERFECT! but im gonna wait it out till it goes on sale mini skirt YOU WILL BE MINE! i promise it's a MUST HAVE! the colors i fell in love with instantly i mean i dont own one brown thing in my closet but for some reason i liked that skirt reminds me of an owls feathers?! ha weird i know,oh & did i mention the new boots/wedges i saw at urban these bad boys! YEAH I LOVE THEM no idea wtf i would wear them with but i DO NOT CARE! i want wedge boots now! these are 80 but i cant decide if i want these or these other ones i saw at aldo [see aldo ones here] i can these for 60 if i REALLY wanted em but im not 100% cos i kinda like the urban ones a lil bit more ha!?!?!?! oh what to get jesus i hate being a girl!

here's my boots i still need a dress or skirt for, i was seriously happier than a fat kid with a twinkie when i saw this package in front of my door HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

 They go up over the knee not a lot just enough CANT WAIT to wear them out so worth 300 dgaf i love em!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


you'll never how i adore this song but i do, so much, such an oldie but i love it from the lyrics to the music, yep best believe me & your mommas love this song so much<3 i listen to everything so deal ha

now this one i heard & fell in love with, then my grandma passed my room heard me playing it & said this was one of her favorite songs when she was young, she was like how did you heard this song? it's so old? frankly i don't remember but i'm glad i did it's a great song she sings with a lot of passion i digg it ha

"the leader of the pack" another classic by the shangri-las tells a cute little sad story oldie but goodie
 kinda reminds me of the last kiss by pearl jam cos it tells a tragic love story, actually i remember singing this song when i was really little both the spanish & english version my uncle would always be introducing me to the spanish or english versions of certain songs i thought it was so cool, VERY HELPFUL in my translating skills too

anyways i'll end this post with this final song, not cos it's my favorite cos i have WAY too many favorites to post but cos it's the last song i slow danced to with someone, sure it was cheesy and random that they played this song & we actually slow danced to it but it was cute & i had fun that night and it's a memory i can still sit here & smile about while i remember it, no point in feeling sad that it never worked out right, i HAD fun & i HAVE that memory with me, i loved this song before that night & that dance & now i still love it cos now i have a cute funny memory to go along with it,

if you like oldies drop a comment & tell me your favorite oldie, even tho they're oldies i still like discovering new oldies i havent heard before :)