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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dsquared Bone Heel Boots

i want these so badly!!! they'd go great with my new dress too BUT i don't have 2000 bones laying around :(
IF I did I WOULD BUY THESE in a heartbeat!!! seriously & i'd probably wear them everywhere haha they're adorable! honestly I'm a sucker for em, even when i worked selling heels, & before that when  I would  have to dress up for work when i used to sell rolex's and fine jewelry i was whatever about my heels a few pairs of different black pump was all i'd wear, i DID wear snake skin to prom ha that was fun
ANYWAYS i think for my FE dress I'm gonna go with snake skin my dress is off white & black so i think something like these would be perfect, decided no on a POP of color i like my black & white anyway
these are Christian Louboutin platforms i found them on sale from 870 to 160 not bad but i'll what i decide next friday aka payday cos i might just have to settle for some knock off just like these but from aldo EXCEPT the aldo ones DON'T have red on the bottom like these Louboutin's :( wahhhh! we'll see, i do love my snake skin!

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