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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finally the wait is over

I've probably bored people with always talking about how I want my leg sleeve started already and blah blah blah someday I'll start blah blah well the wait officially ended Wednesday March 28th
Just in time to heal before my birthday & coachella
This is officially the best present ever, 
aside from the Mac book I just bought myself 
tax season was good to me and I was finally able to get my sleeve started this will be the first of many
took 5+ hours but worth every second! 
I am beyond happy with it!
I'm glad I waited to find a truly talented artist 
who did an amazing job!
This Camille Rose Garcia painting was definitely 
a great choice for my first tattoo!
at Dolorosa Tattoo Company Studio City, CA.
I LOVE his work, And I don't just mean his work on me, his art work as well as his tattoos are AMAZING! I look forward for this baby to officially heal up & more masterpieces by Alex to come :)
Yeah that's right i called it a masterpiece!!!
"I just need some alone time" by Camille Rose Garcia 
Long time admirer of her work, first time getting her art work inked on me FO FO EVAAA.
 Taken seconds after Alex finished up, 
looking all hot puffy mess n stuff CUTEEEE NOT!
One weeks aftermath,done with the peeling & I'd rather stab my eyeball than be itchy any more phase. Still COMPLETELY happy with it :) definitely worth the wait :)