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Sunday, August 22, 2010


"also, girls call dibs on guys, and that’s annoying! and girls can be catty and mean when all i want them to do is love me like the sister i never had. but i can be catty too, and I’m probably expectingway too much too soon. but ALSO, now that I’m getting it all out there, woman get mad so easily over tiny details, sometimes not all the time. anyway, this is a whole other post for another day."
-alexi wasser, i feel the exact same way

ps-ITS LIKE SHE'S IN MY BRAIN sometimes, read this on her blog & all i have to say is AMEN sister! especially the last part " i haven’t found a potential best friend who encompasses all these things, YET! but I’ve found fragments- here and there- in different people. and maybe that’s all i’ll ever find." story of my life

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