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Monday, May 31, 2010

meet candy

the only bitch i love<3 she's almost one year old:)
so memorial day weekend was dope spent most of my time in santa monica what else is new?
but it was fun took a lot of pictures & finished my book! so now i can start on the next book on my list yay!
finally saw the blindside & nine GREAT MOVIES! tomorrow its gym then work! xo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

haven't blogged in a while

so since APRIL was a month for getting what i wanted May has been like riding a bike really. I'm officially done with school, the bills are paid and things couldn't be better at work. As for now it's about staying focused on what i want. i know what i want, so now it's time to make things happen
i'm all done at school with my english :( & psychology [of course i would take the classes i have the most interest in first!] and now i gotta finish up my buisness and math classes & start with accounting & economics wahh wahh. i switched colleges cos my old one was a fucking disaster full of low lifes and classes getting filled way too fast i CANNOT finish school taking 2-3 classes a semester it's impossible not that USF is taking any new students for another year but still i'm looking into BERKELEY, USF,CSLA & UCR to get my ba & eventually my masters. things are looking good but theres still more i wanna do so i'll make a list not in any specific order or time limit.

-save $$$ to pay off my car faster & move out!
-since i'm not in summer classes take a 2nd job or become full time at my job
basically MAKE MORE MONEY!
-stop wanting a MAC BOOK PRO since i don't NEED one :(
-ONCE i have a certain amount in my savings go get my fucking tattoos ASAP
-hit up melrose & sell my vintage shit to wasteland or somewhere
-visit SF again
-go to santa barbra or san diego for a mini road trip
-get drunk & sing at a karaoke bar
-go see a smiths tribute band
-start going to more shows
-continuously workout now every other month -__-
-go to museums more often the getty anyone?!
-read another chelsea handler book SHE'S AMAZING
-stop being such a granny & hit up those bars ya feel me?!
-go buy camille rose garcia's book the tragic kingdom i only have, the saddest place on earth
-& stay healthy & NOT be a social smoker it's a horrible habit
-ALSO try to not curse so much at least in front of people, sometimes i hear girls & every other work is FUCK, SHIT, CUNT,BITCH etc and i'm like EW you're ghetto & sound trashy it's just NOT classy i know this yet i still curse :( i'm really gonna work on it tho!

anyways that's whats new as for the love life ughhhhhhh no comment -__- actually i'll leave it as this-sometimes i break my rules for someone cos i genuinely WANT things to be different, for someone to REALLY be what i see in them, an amazing, smart, funny, decent, sweet guy, and then shit happends & i realize THIS is why i should follow my no second chances rule! DUMB BITCH! UNFORTUNATLEY ACTIONS SPEAK WAY LOUDER THAN A FEW SWEET WORDS, but fuck it i've always said you can tell a girl 1000 times, from 1000 people, how a guy is no good, a sleeze, a cheater, a loser, a low life etc. BUT until that girl HERSELF realizes it she's blind to the dudes fuck ups & never sees what everyone else sees LIFE GOES ON...
we make mistakes & hopefully learn from them! thats all there is to it.


"haven't had a dream in a long time
see, the life I've had
can make a good man bad
so for once in my life
let me get what I want
lord knows, it would be the first time"

Monday, May 24, 2010

i want this sooooooooo bad!

seriously where the hell do i get one! i'm in love with it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my favorite blogger on the LA weekly cover!

i knew i wasn't the only one that finds her amazing!

1. dear starbux, i love you soooo much. but sometimes, when I walk inside you, it smells like period. It just does.
2. if you wear ed hardy or anything christian audigier, you’re a douche bag. Sorry. This isn’t up for discussion. It’s a fact.
3. chat roulette = scary times USA! chances are you’ll end up 1.) seeing a dude with his dick in his hand, 2.) witnessing a murder, or 3.) chatting with a 14 year old or Paris Hilton. your call.
4. do something that scares you everydayExcept rob a bank. Don’t do that.
5. women need to start acting more like gay men: fierce, bold, & empowered!
6. straight dudes need to stop acting soooo much like gay men.
7. power meetings are the new black! They make you feel sexy, powerful, and ten pounds lighter!  just setting one up will make you feel like you belong to an exclusive club! cuz you know what? YOU DO!
8. feel free to put money in a strangers expired parking meter… just cuz. it’s called good karma/being a nice person! you fucking ungrateful cunt-rag jerk. LYLAS!
9. snitches get stitches!
10. a run in your black tights isn’t a problem! no no no! it’s the solution! it’s the way to be! the way to be cooler!
ps-check out her blog http://imboycrazy.com/ she's dope!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my flickrrrrrrrr!

 finally updating my flickr add me so you can check out ALL the sf trip photos :)