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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

husband & boyfriend

serioussssssss paul & james if you were mine i promise anytime you want it ;)

yes people NY here i come!

cannot wait so syked you have no idea!


done watching eclipse! loved it! probably not ass much as the crazies who waited since like 10 in the morning to see it sorry not that hardcore but overall it's the best one yet for sure less romance & more action ;] i liked it & it's WAY better than new moon! ROBERT PATTINSON is soooooo freaking hauuute <3 for real i'll watch ANYTHING he's in! plus i like kristen stewart as for all the nerds getting all wet whenever jacob flashed his 6 pack RELAXXXX jacobs dark n gross! team edward haha! ps-BELLA & EDWARD NEED TO FUCKING GET IT ON ALREADY!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

guess where i'm going?

k i'll give you one clue ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

FINALLY saw the runaways

chillin my favorite boys last night & we watched the runaways i like it<3 i love joan jett & kristen stewart was awesome in it dakota fanning too! dope movie for sure!

can't believe it's been one year

since mj died i remember the day it happened i was on my way to santa monica and as i got to where i was going i see all these cop cars and paramedics and media i couldn't get to where i was going and it was only down the street when i finally did get there i turned on the news and realized mj was allover the news, so i sat there and watched all this media coverage about him, when he was actually pronounced dead the media went into more of a frenzy it was a sad day all around gloomy weather and then all his hard core fans being heart broken about his death it's amazing how one person affected so many lives it's a trip but what a way to go he will never ever be forgotten R.I.P. michael you're music will never die! king of pop thanks for all the music<3

psycho exes

hahahahaha this is so funny! remind me of my psycho ex! lol not worth going into detail about but anyways eclipse is out june 30th cant wait! serious not a crazy fan but i've the books & eclipse is thee best so far! no joke i suggest you read the book before you go see the movie! yes the psycho fans & media is annoying but i promise the book is soooooooooooooooo good anyways june 30th :D
i love k stew<3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

im so sorry

"why do you come here? when you know it makes things hard for me? oh why do you come?"

fuck yeah moz<3333333

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WRONG REASON to date a guy

1- HIS CAR! a car doesn't make a man, however if a chump is bussin it don't be his taxi either!
2-HIS BOD! serio are that superficial?!? any guy can turn that 6 pack into a beer belly ANY GUY!
3-HIS JOB! gold digging slut work for your own shit, you wouldn't want someone moochin off YOU!
4-HE'S A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU'RE A MODEL!, get over it get ahead on your own, not connections
5-HOW HE TREATED HIS EX! umm it's his EX NOT YOU 2 different people meaning he'll be different with you WHY? cos she's not you duh
6-HIS STYLE! sure he dresses like he should be in gq doesn't mean he's intresting or has any of the other qualities you need to have in order to date him
7-HIS HAUUUTE TATS! some guys get the stupidest tattoos just to look like "a badass" SO NOT THE CASE
8-"HE'S A DJ aka I GET INTO CLUBS FREE" sucking dick to sit behind a dj & shake your ass YOU'RE SO COOL ...NOT! YOU'RE A HOOCHIE GROUPIE!
9-HE WORKS AT @#%$*! aka DISCOUNTS FOR ME! don't be a moocher seriously work & pay for you own shit REAL MEN & WOMEN do this LEARN.
10-HE HAS MONEY so? he can take you to nice places to impress you cool whatever but once he actually gets you don't expect the courting process to continue you're not a baby you cant be spoiled all the time with gifts, trips & fancy dinners, you're not princess diana!
11-HE HAS HIS OWN PLACE- exactly HIS OWN PLACE not yours! its HIS pad & just cos you don't have to pay for a room now doesn't mean after a few sleepovers you're officially moving in together
12-HE MAKES ME LOOK GOOD-bottom line if that is the reason you date a guy YOU'RE PATHETIC!

COME ON LADIES you should know this stuff WAKE UPPPPPPPPP!

ps-i have no love for hoes! ;]

"Now, I ain’ sayin’ she a gold digga… but she ain’t messin’ wid no broke nigga"

rip anna nicole smith she was epic <3 but also probably one of the most famour gold diggers ever


correction NEED!

Monday, June 21, 2010

emily hanes blows my mind!

serioooo i LOVE her! i wanna go see metric now! emily hanes is amazing live!
thank you ipod shuffle for playing stadium love now im in a metric's fantasies album mood

Sunday, June 20, 2010

shar pai or a puppy french bulldog

seriously how fucking adorable are theses pooches! the shar pai looks like a fat chubby baby you just wanna squeeze and the french bulldog pup has the most adorable puppy eyes/pouty face ever <3 i want either one so bad!

weekly pictures

 the week was off to a good start with my dope O P I colors i bought. HANS in monterey park has thee best O P I collections! i bought [from left to right] "dating a royal", "suzi says feng shui" and "jade is the new black" i love them<3 also a movie/margarita night with the bestie patron+fresh strawberries+my margarita mix=best margaritas ever!, and then of course the random trip to the swapmeet, a few pancho and lashes purchases, a trip to costco for dos equis, and some lotteria and beer pong later to top off a good week.
ps-HAPPY BABY DADDY DAY TO ALL MY FAVORITE BABY DADDY'S ha aka most of my guy friends LOL love you guys hope you have an amazing day with your kiddos♥


i just want to lie with you really.

the blind leading the blind (part 42):

1. if the best thing about him is that he likes you, move on. that’s not enough. and grow some self esteem you pussy!
2. it’s not rape if you’re sleeping.
3. whoops, my bad, my bad. what i meant was: it’s not rape if he’s super cute!
4. dudes that respect you don’t call you suuuuper late at night asking to meet up/come over!
5. be thankful you have an innie belly button!
6. if you have an outie belly button, don’t be ashamed. but also, could you do me and the rest of the population with eyeballz a favor and PLEASE NOT wear a midriff baring shirt! thanks boo!
7. sometimes you have to make hard decisions that will make people angry. stand by your decision and be strong. you can’t please everybody all the time. you have to take care of you first!
8. if you have a choice, choose good-looking!
9. only girls are allowed to wear flip flops. (this rule is only waived if a dude is at the beach, surfing).
10. date someone who you would never normally date, just to try it! who knows?!
ps- i didnt write this check out imboycrazy.com its awesome ;]

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fuck it

 I'm so ugly, but that's okay 'Cause so are you. -kurt cobain<3

where do i begin? um FUCK FLAWS ;)

i don't enjoy being mistaken for Armenien or Persian [no offense if you are]
my ankles are too skinny
i hate feet, your feet, my feet , feet grose me out ALL FEET [don't even get me started on sandals]
i have a nasty hand tan, they just look dirty not tanned [FUCK LONG SLEEVES]
my hair is way too big, making my head look big
my hair is never tamed it's always huge & wild
i have an uneven tan from head to toe
my legs look like they've never met sunlight
i have bony fingers
i don't like my legs
or my shoulders
there's too much fat in my cheeks
my lips are full but my mouth is small
i really want a nose job
my forehead isn't big, so my bangs don't look as cute as girls with bigger foreheads, it's more a threehead
& i'm too short, i wish i was taller

fuck it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

handsome devils

i find every single one of them extremely attractive, total foxes!