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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dreams, life and staying true.

  • I want to come home from a hard days work to my very own lovely air conditioned apartment
  • I want my english puppy bulldog to greet me at the door when I come in for some cuddles
  • I want a balanced life work & school friends loved ones & me time
  • I want a fat tub to relax and take bubble baths in when I want some relaxation
  • I want to able to walk around naked in my apartment when I feel like it, without having creep neighbors 
  • I want a nice kitchen to cook some bomb ass feasts in
  • I want to live next to a park, a gym, and a dope cafe for when I get to lazy to cook
  • I want to go to a fucking dodger game cos I didn't get to go all fucking season FUCK....[no not mad about that at all it's not like I like dodger games or anything.... NOT!]
  • I need to get my ass started on my leg sleeve already 22nd birthday FUCK IT ima do it 
  • I want a nice flat screen tv in my room to watch my netflix on
  • I also need to do the dam lemonade diet I bought all the ingredients for I'm exactly 20 pounds away from my ideal weight 20!!! woooooooooot I'm starting to feel really good about myself body wise I mean we all have our insecurities I've been wanting to lose some weight for some time 2011 came & I finally started doing something about it & getting results 20 down since 2010 20 more to go hell yeahhh
  • I want a new phone that isn't a piece of shit
  • I want a comfy livingroom to have people over whenever I want cos sometimes I do get lonely and wanna stop being anti social
  • I want to make more money to save more for traveling
  • I wanna go to six flags and ride superman 10 times ina row and make stupid ass faces when the camera flashes
  • I wanna get wasted & go to a karaoke bar with chill ass people who are down to make fools of themselves LIQUID COURAGE BITCHS!
  • I wanna wear my dam pretty dress I have no place to wear to with HEELS just once can I try to look like a prissy bitch?! just once? me ina dress can I give it a dam shot ?
  • I wanna go to vegas see a show actually play nit a lot but I wanna take a risk with my money just for kicks
  • I want to sip wine occasionally in my apartment maybe I should include a bevo  in things I wanna live next to...YES ADD BEVMO!!! how could I forget that duh
  • I want my hair 6 inches longer LONG HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!
  • and lastly I want to start going to more shows I love live music any good live music why did I stop goin to shows that was my thing I lost that TIME TO TO MAKE A COMEBACK!
I want all these things for myself and you bet your ass I will have them all, However what I want most of all right now is to stop being a hormonal bitch, can someone please invent a birth control that DOESN'T fuck with a girls hormones SHIT!oh & did I mention that I wouldn't exactly mind having a scruffy, buff armed gentlemen who's a sweet heart to me come over an cuddle every so often maybe even cook me a meal or two, and let me cook him a meal or two...Yeah I wouldn't exactly mind that one bit but hey life doesn't really give you what you want does it? you gotta go out there and get what you want and that's fine because I do want all this, and when I do get all this I will appreciate it a million times more than if it would have been handed to me, and I hadn't worked my ass of for it myself. Yeah this is what I want, now to go out and make it happen well except maybe inventing that new birth control that is, WELL SHIT, A GIRL CAN DREAM RIGHT?! 

-on a side note I'd like to add this NEVER EVER lose sight of who you are, I can say this from experience cos I did for a quick minute, and I didn't notice that I had, but I'm glad I did realize it better late than never. KNOW YOU'RE WORTH, KNOW YOURSELF, COS THAT'S THE ONLY THING YOU CAN GUARANTEE YOURSELF IN LIFE. Know you, do you, and always do you, in a relationship outside of a relationship, in friendships, at work, at school, just know yourself and never lose sight of that never be blinded by love, lust, drama, bullshit, whatever shit can get in the way of you being you DON'T LET IT. If you are a strong ass bitch then be a fucking strong ass bitch don't let shit turn you into some weak ass bitch WHO THE FUCK LIKES A WEAK BITCH ? ANSWER- NO ONE! ok ok so that last part was for myself but you get the idea sheesh, be yourself and don't let ANYTHING turn you into something you're not. LIFE IS TOO SHORT, ALWAYS BE YOURSELF & SURROUND YOURSELF AROUND GOOD PEOPLE & KIND SOULS, I know for a fact that that's really really hard cos life's just full of assholes who have been fucked over by dumb bitches, who were once sweet girls, who just got fucked over by some selfish jerk, and so on & so on, it's hard but there IS good people out there, and If you're a good soul you WILL find other good souls so cherish them when you do, and most importantly never lose sight of yourself. Once you grow up and KNOW who the fuck you are & what the fuck you want, grasp that and NEVER EVER lose sight of that, yes people change but they change for the better and grow, learn from mistakes and experience that's life, ok so you lost sight of yourself for a minute, it happens, now don't ever do it again GET IT, GOT IT GOOD now go out there and live your fucking life doing you! Cos not knowing who you are and what you want is a shit feeling & waste of energy lifes too short to always be figuring yourself out TOO SHORT, APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE IT'S GONE, NEVER TURN INTO SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT & IF YOU DO, REALIZE IT, WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO DOING YOU IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. I really hope someone gets SOMETHING out of this, cos I mean every word & guess what SMILE! a life feeling down isn't LIVING! go out & fucking liveeeeeeeeeee! make mistakes get dirty take some chances & do it all by dong you & no one else cos YOU are amazing yes you whoever is reading this! I MEAN IT GO LIVE! and and and know this- happiness, misery and anger lie within yourself YOU let people get to you, whether it's good bad happy or sad YOU control your emotions and if sometimes we lose them THAT'S OK, get back control of your emotions and move on keep on living ENJOY xoxoxoxoxo<3