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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Spending it with my loved ones :)
I hope you all are too, I love and appreciate 
all of my loved ones so much
always there when I need them I can't ask 
for anything else but just that<3
ps-I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! workouts do pay off and I'm glad 
that as this year almost comes to an end I can really say my goals were accomplished
smaller pants & fatter pockets FUCK YEAH! 
smaller jeans CHECK! more hours at work CHECK!
I feel good, I'm healthy & I've got everyone I need in my life,
content as can be merry merry christmas everyone<3

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santy clause

 IPAD!!! with a blue  tooth keyboard I can't help it they look SO fun & they have the cutest covers!

Owl slippers I need these up in my life
This smells like heaven in a bottle and I wants it!

Vera Wang "Sandra" sunglasses
'I'm a fucking lady' flask some spineless piece of shit lost this in vegas :( I miss it terribly!

Canon rebel t3i TOO SICKKKK ! 
Anchorman and or Clueless MY 2 ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MOVIES! I CAN & WILL out quote you try me I dare you!!!!
Crystal skull vodka, I've been dying to try this for WAY too long!

Mustache shot glasses TOO SICK!
American Apparel blue hoody soooo comfy in a small :)
Far right, white english bulldog puppy, I wanna fat boy to call my own, play with keep me company & feed beggin bites! perfect lil cuddle buddy to watch netflix with me yes I think so!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I saw warpaint and it was AMAZE!
 blown away at these ladies talent LOVED every minute of their show, 
from being all drunk off my honey whiskey, stealing blowpops from the womans restroom with valerie, 
and making my short ass through the crowd to get all close to see warpaint! HAHAH AMAZING SHOW! so glad I saw them!
supaaaah buzzed but I remember the show ha! LOVE THEM!