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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For the Gentlemen

1-If you actually like her, want to date her, want her to like you the way you like her, if you really like her CALL HER pick up the phone, grow a sack and call

2-Dress up if you want to impress a girl, seriously graphic tees and some matching kicks really don't wow us take some tips from Joseph Gordon Levitt casual yet classy always dress like a gentlemen and always looks hauteeee! throw on a cardigan how about maybe a collared shirt? we're not asking to put on a suit keep you nice kicks its a huge turn on when a guy looks classy yet casual, i mean you like seeing ladies in a dress right? well we like seeing you look dapper too!

3-When you take a girl out for a first date, put some thought into it, if you wanna pick a spot where you can conversate for a while pick a place that wont rush you out asap, be creative if your meeting her for the first time and maybe would rather not sit face to face pick a spot where you can sit side by side most sushi places have great side by side seating [ AFLOAT sushi in pasadena is GREAT look at my PS-for more spots]

4-If a girl wants you to go shopping with her, don't be afraid to say noooo don't be her bitch she has girlfriends right?? well thats what they're for shopping, girls nights and all that other shit you guys shouldn't deal with

5-Guys who smell good=HUGE HUGE HUGE turn on [musky+manly+clean scents=irrestible]

6-No job, no car, no education other than high school, not being able to carry an intelligent conversation, no sense of going anywhere in life= UNFUCKABLE & UNDATEABLE, with the exception of the just got layed off, or his car being fixed cos therefore he CAN go get a job & he WILL eventually have a car you shouldn't date or fuck a bum, YES GUYS WE HAVE STANDARDS BESIDE LOOKS.

7-If you get involved with a coworker REALIZE you could possibly end up having to see someone you use to fuck on a daily basis when it ends, and if it ends horribly YOU'RE ALSO FUCKED ps-it probably WILL end & also if you start to date another co worker among your female co workers YOU WILL be known as the player.

8-Don't still be hung up on your ex, YES GIRLS CAN TELL WHEN YOU ARE!

9-DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF if you can try everyday, at least every week, i don't care if you have girlfriend or are dating a girl do something for you, its healthy for you & healthy for your relationship, whether its drinks with the guys after work on saturdays or weekly boys night football or working out everyday or a daily nap after work WHATEVER just do something that you enjoy its healthy & good for you!

10-When it comes to the bedroom, if you wanna try something with your girl, SPEAK THE FUCK UP! DON'T GO OUT & CHEAT ON HER DOUCHE BAG! just speak up no biggie i'm sure you're not going to ask her to put a diaper on you and give you a bottle right? no so chill don't be afraid she'll most likely let you try it at least once & if she likes it then a bunch more times! & therefore she might have something up her sleeve she would like to try as well & who knows what kind of fun that can lead to for BOTH of you  ;)

11-Grow a beard or Go home! beards, scruff we LOVE IT! ;)

in pasadena ca, AFLOAT SUSHI, you can sit side by side instead of face to face, and there's a moat like table that has little boats with different sushi on them, you see the sushi dish you like and take it from the boat it fun, cute atmosphere GREAT sushi too!

in venice ca, c&o tratorria best itaian, cocktails & yummy bread balls NOTE:breadballs=you're gonna need a tooth pick but its great for lunch OR dinner not too pricey, you eat outside theres heat lamps in case its cols it's close to the beach sso you can walk around venice for some conversation after the date & there's a skate park too!

in fullerton ca,Veronese gallery cafe super homey atmosphere, nice lighting, romantic type, it's liek walking into a house where all the rooms have little chairs & tables no beds there's and outside & inside area not pricey at all really cute spot to stay and conversate after there's a gallery upstairs too

in santa monica ca, divita's off wilshire amazing italian genuine pizza & pasta, wine & beer dim lighting family restaurant atmosphere great service great place to stay and conversate plus the santa monica pier is a few streets down!


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