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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Camille Rose Garcia leg sleeve coming soon!

+ Artwork I love
= An AMAZING leg sleeve something like Radeo Suicides I CAN'T WAIT! 
I've love her art work since I first saw it and out of all my favorite artist it's hard to choose only one but an entire leg sleeve with her artwork would be amazing and I'm gonna start on it asap no joke I will get my crg leg sleeve! DAM STRAIGHT!

wonderful day

Today was an amazing day for me took a mini roadtrip, went to temecula 
day started off with some die hard laker fan at a liquor store who made me giggle, I picked up a magazine with Kat von D on the cover and he goes "OMG I thought you were her" hahah wtf? discovered I can handle patron shots crazyyyy 
spent my day at a tattoo shop BOYS BOOZE&TATTOOS FTW, lost my wallet at a bar BUT I found it! fell outta my purse and it was under the bar stool I was at how awesome is that!  planned a deftones vegas trip woot! super stoked , about that  but most amazing part was who I spent it with. I'm very happy today was great every single part of it!
QUOTE OF THE DAY "Is your last name Kardashian?"
hahaha I hate being told I look like Kim K, even Kat von D but at least I get Kat we are both light with long black hair and fat cheeks ha plus I like her & think she's super pretty so I get flattered, BUT Kim K grosses me the fuck out YEAH I've seen enough of her sex tape to know she's a disgusting dirty ass filthy skonka fuck that! anyways whatver this post is about my lovely day<3

I LOVE those talks you have with a person you’re in a relationship with 
whether its a friendship or romantic relationship, when that talk just deepens your bond no joke its a great feeling to be completely real, honest, and put everything out there. Vulnerability is scary and amazing at the same time, But it’s more amazing when you have someone to share it with and actually want to share it with. Mutual vulnerability is sucha strangely wonderful feeling.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday was complete shit in ever way possible UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY times 100. Back in 2010 I had high expectations and I got let down tremendously my best friend didn't get me shit, on my actual birthday I was taken to a ghetto ass club by that same best friend [of course no we are no longer friends] full of chuntee sweaties wanting to rub up against me I'M A LADY that shit was gross!!! I stopped talking to the guy I was seeing cos well things fizzled out so I celebrated alone no bday kiss which is fine DON'T NEED a guy to be happy so that's cool but birthday kisses are always cute duh, I bought myself a drink on my birthday, I didn't get hammered it was all just complete shit I took myself to sf and I bought myself my car basically I KNOW sometimes the only person you can really rely on is yourself trust I learned that better than ever last year, so therefore this year I had zero expectations, NOTHING no plans no trip NOTHING. I bought myself some lacey cute lingerie & some hot pumps I blogged about on THIS POST, sorry to sound so bitter I know I'm not the only person who's ever had a shitty birthday, and I know that there's probably people out there with by far even worse birthdays BUT it is sucha shit feeling I don't wish it for anyone. I'm not going into detail about yesterdays shitty ass day I just don't think I'll be celebrating birthdays anymore I'll celebrate what I want when I want. 

Been feeling like an emotion roller coaster I've felt like this for about 2 months now and THIS IS NOT ME, I'm on new meds so that may be it the overly emotional-ness that is, and by new meds no I'm not mental I mean my birth control I should probably switch cos no joke I've never had as many ups and downs in my life as I've had in the past 2 months mood swings to the max IT'S FUCKING INSANE I don't like this at all who the fuck am I? moody over emotional bitch NOOOOO WAY fuck that I can be sensitive at the end of the day I do have a fucking vagina BUT I know I'm not this dam sensitive, I like goin with the flow and lately the flow is more of an emotional roller coaster less of wavy flow I dunno what it is but I'm switching birth control for sure. YESTERDAY was the last of being overly emotional and fucking WEIRD! it's like an little thing gets to me ewwwwwwww I sound so much like sucha girl just writing that sentence yeah I'm gonna end it here cos FUCK FEELING ALL EMOTIONAL it's NOT  a good feeling and it can't be healthy FUCK THIS! FUCK BIRTHDAYS & FUCK CRAZY EMOTIONS-end rant. I just wanna pretend yesterday never happened, someone give me a time machine! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

womanimal and manimal

I love this picture who's is it???
that's pretty hot, wild and passionate right there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gift to me, from me xoxo

Vintage lacey lingerie is my absolute favorite !!!!!
I DGAF I'm spurging my first check on some cute somethings 
and I also found these KILLER heels I MUST MUST MUST have
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :) Last year I got myself my ride can't really top that
so this year it's all about some lovely lingerie & those heels AHH! excited!
I'm going all out for a special someone myself, duh WHY? because I can!
and cos there's nothing wrong with treating yourself afterall I do love myself ;)
happy happy happy birthday to me, cos you deserve it beautiful! 
PS-YES i did call myself beautiful you know why cos BEAUTIFUL is better than 
"CUTE", "PRETTY", & "SEXY"that's a hint hint to you fellas 
beautiful > pretty,cute,sexy!
get it got it good
so expect an amazing present gorgeous birthday girl <3
not crazy just a lil dorky NBD sooooooo! haha ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

unhappy birthday

if this picture had lavender balloons instead of pink it could have had all my favorite colorssssssss I love pastels I enjoy my birthday being around spring ha but also these are cute too! Yellow always puts you in a happy mood no? is that just me?

 SO I know expectations lead to disappointments, I think that's the reason I'm not even a little excited about my birthday, last year I was expecting a great one and that didn't happen this year I was expecting coachella, scalpers ruined that one, and becoming jobless ruined planning a mini road trip around my birthday, also still living at home has ruined getting started on my ink since I'll get the locks changed on me if I'd ever come home with ink. WOMP WOMP!

Every year for my birthday I get excited plan it out, make a list, buy a new dress, buy some cute heels and well anticipate every second leading up to it this year not even a little bit of that. Maybe it's just how last years sucked so bad I don't wanna have those expectaions again? yeah that seems right I guess :/ I refuse to have expectations I don't like being disappointed it's a SUCKY feeling :/ Anyways this is about my birthday I'm not gonna expect or plan a thing, I don't have savings right now anyways so fuck it! Maybe in time I'll celebrate it later on because right now I'm taking it one day at a time, fuck planssssssss they never go through it's time to stop expecting I needa be more go with the flow anyways! 

I'm still pretty content with life right now :) PLUS last year I gave myself the best birthday present ever my car, my baby my pride & joy, gave myself a slr for christmas so I can't say I really want something thatttt badly as I did last year so whatevaaaa I will be saving for a few things though I always like saving up cos there's always something to save up for since I'm a working lady I can do that now! soowoooo!  :D so for now save and if something fun comes up I'll be able to spurge for what I want! unhappy birthday here I come!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Well well well 3 months into the new year and life has yet again bitch slapped me with a complete 360! Went from literally starting off the first day of the new year jobless, worrying like a crazy about how the FUCK to pay all my bills after my last check ran out REMEMBER that from my "I'm going to bitch post" here . Yeah well NO MORE BITCHING :D I am officially an employed working lady again!!! Kick ass job CHECK! I can officially dress up for work again, OH HEELS I'VE MISSED YOU SOOOOOOO<3 no joke love my toms but now I can save those for outside of work! My new job is pretty dope, it's chill, I'm good at it & it's way less stressful I'm happy with it. 

As for the other stuff that was making me bitch it's either not important anymore or taken care of. Life is good at the moment FINALLY it was worth the wait let me tell you! SPEAKING of waiting in case you forgot about my "2011 Goals blog" I waited around seeing how long it would take me to complete these goals & I can officially say 1-5 are done/in progress & actually #9 too 6 7 and 8 I haven't started YET but I will! Trust me I will get shit doneeee, I mean "stuff" <--see #7 there ya go ;)
Furthermore if I had to some up my life in ONE word it would be CONTENT! 
I know my loved ones said it'd be ok, time heals all, everything happens for a reason, and my favorite was "sometimes thinbgs fall apart so that better things can fall together" well bet your bottom dollar that HELL YES better things have fallen together I'm content in 99% of all aspects of my life right now and it's a great feeling! I am content! genuinely whole heartedly CONTENT!

So I'm not just posting this to go from a "bitching" to "bragging" post, NO WRONG WRONG WRONG this is for anyone who ever felt even a little bit like me on 1/1/11 a lil lost, a lil sad, a lil down on the dumps and overall a lil scared THIS IS FOR YOU! THINGS WILL GET BETTER, TRUST ME IT JUST TAKES TIME so don't rush things let it unravel on it's own, never push things. They are best when unplanned when you're suddenly caught completely off guard, swept completely off your feet and things are comin at you totally outta left field, That's when you truly appreciate the good things from life. This is for you cos whatever shit mood you're in IT WILL PASS & that's amazing! Never let a bad mood,worries, confusions, or fear keep you down! surround yourself with positive people who are there for you & truly care about your well being EVERYONE HAS AT LEAST SOMEONE, WHO CARES ABOUT THEM so fuck the 5 people who keep wanting you to fuck up worry about that ONE who wants to see you shine! THEY are the one that matters! Life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs YOU are the only one that take your life from a low point to a high one, YOU & YOU ALONE so whatever life throws at you whether you're ready or not always remember, No one can keep you down but yourself, SO GET THE FUCK UP throw whatever life throws at you back at life's face and move on!
Life is too short to stay down when your down!