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Thursday, July 14, 2011

new hair!

my hair lady's been out of town but she's back next weekend 
can't wait to have no bangs and get my hair colored 
it's time for a change YESSSS! summer and my bangs are 
not mixing well, so buh bye bangs I've had bangs since 
high school we'll see if I like this change I'm not too 
fond of changes but I can't stand having my hair the same 
for too long I like this look on Rachel B hopefully I like it on myself too :) wooot for new hairrrr!

Monday, July 11, 2011


feeling much betta last weekend turned out amazing&lt<3
I'm in love with being in love :)
It's summer beside the horrible weather my main forcus is to not get tanned try & get more hours at work 
and save the fuckkkkk up I wanna move out already asap
I needa finish school and make more money
I wanna pay off my car asap but I can't move out
and have money for rent & my car payment so therefore 
mission get more hours at work or get another 
better paying & more hours giving job STAT!
I wanna do this already I promise myself that
by my next birthday I will have started on my leg sleeve
the only reason I haven't is cos of this lil thing called
I still live at home and my parents AIN'T having that
therefore my goal is move out, stay in & finish school 
& get tatted asap! If this can really happen for me 
I'd be sooooo happy who knows when I will be able to move out but right now getting more hours or a better job will at least help me out alot so that's my goal right now better job or more hours
then hopefully move out & get my leg sleeve started I know for sure even if I cant move out before my next birthday I want to get my tattoos started so this better happen ok anyways 
I miss my boyfriend & I miss practicing making babies with him HMMPH :/

ps- can't get enough of how cute this song is
Brindo a este amor, un amor tán raro
Brindo a este amor, un amor tán claro
Brindo a este amor, un amor derepente
Brindo a este amor, un amor tán diferente