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Friday, April 1, 2011


Well well well 3 months into the new year and life has yet again bitch slapped me with a complete 360! Went from literally starting off the first day of the new year jobless, worrying like a crazy about how the FUCK to pay all my bills after my last check ran out REMEMBER that from my "I'm going to bitch post" here . Yeah well NO MORE BITCHING :D I am officially an employed working lady again!!! Kick ass job CHECK! I can officially dress up for work again, OH HEELS I'VE MISSED YOU SOOOOOOO<3 no joke love my toms but now I can save those for outside of work! My new job is pretty dope, it's chill, I'm good at it & it's way less stressful I'm happy with it. 

As for the other stuff that was making me bitch it's either not important anymore or taken care of. Life is good at the moment FINALLY it was worth the wait let me tell you! SPEAKING of waiting in case you forgot about my "2011 Goals blog" I waited around seeing how long it would take me to complete these goals & I can officially say 1-5 are done/in progress & actually #9 too 6 7 and 8 I haven't started YET but I will! Trust me I will get shit doneeee, I mean "stuff" <--see #7 there ya go ;)
Furthermore if I had to some up my life in ONE word it would be CONTENT! 
I know my loved ones said it'd be ok, time heals all, everything happens for a reason, and my favorite was "sometimes thinbgs fall apart so that better things can fall together" well bet your bottom dollar that HELL YES better things have fallen together I'm content in 99% of all aspects of my life right now and it's a great feeling! I am content! genuinely whole heartedly CONTENT!

So I'm not just posting this to go from a "bitching" to "bragging" post, NO WRONG WRONG WRONG this is for anyone who ever felt even a little bit like me on 1/1/11 a lil lost, a lil sad, a lil down on the dumps and overall a lil scared THIS IS FOR YOU! THINGS WILL GET BETTER, TRUST ME IT JUST TAKES TIME so don't rush things let it unravel on it's own, never push things. They are best when unplanned when you're suddenly caught completely off guard, swept completely off your feet and things are comin at you totally outta left field, That's when you truly appreciate the good things from life. This is for you cos whatever shit mood you're in IT WILL PASS & that's amazing! Never let a bad mood,worries, confusions, or fear keep you down! surround yourself with positive people who are there for you & truly care about your well being EVERYONE HAS AT LEAST SOMEONE, WHO CARES ABOUT THEM so fuck the 5 people who keep wanting you to fuck up worry about that ONE who wants to see you shine! THEY are the one that matters! Life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs YOU are the only one that take your life from a low point to a high one, YOU & YOU ALONE so whatever life throws at you whether you're ready or not always remember, No one can keep you down but yourself, SO GET THE FUCK UP throw whatever life throws at you back at life's face and move on!
Life is too short to stay down when your down!

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