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Monday, April 11, 2011

unhappy birthday

if this picture had lavender balloons instead of pink it could have had all my favorite colorssssssss I love pastels I enjoy my birthday being around spring ha but also these are cute too! Yellow always puts you in a happy mood no? is that just me?

 SO I know expectations lead to disappointments, I think that's the reason I'm not even a little excited about my birthday, last year I was expecting a great one and that didn't happen this year I was expecting coachella, scalpers ruined that one, and becoming jobless ruined planning a mini road trip around my birthday, also still living at home has ruined getting started on my ink since I'll get the locks changed on me if I'd ever come home with ink. WOMP WOMP!

Every year for my birthday I get excited plan it out, make a list, buy a new dress, buy some cute heels and well anticipate every second leading up to it this year not even a little bit of that. Maybe it's just how last years sucked so bad I don't wanna have those expectaions again? yeah that seems right I guess :/ I refuse to have expectations I don't like being disappointed it's a SUCKY feeling :/ Anyways this is about my birthday I'm not gonna expect or plan a thing, I don't have savings right now anyways so fuck it! Maybe in time I'll celebrate it later on because right now I'm taking it one day at a time, fuck planssssssss they never go through it's time to stop expecting I needa be more go with the flow anyways! 

I'm still pretty content with life right now :) PLUS last year I gave myself the best birthday present ever my car, my baby my pride & joy, gave myself a slr for christmas so I can't say I really want something thatttt badly as I did last year so whatevaaaa I will be saving for a few things though I always like saving up cos there's always something to save up for since I'm a working lady I can do that now! soowoooo!  :D so for now save and if something fun comes up I'll be able to spurge for what I want! unhappy birthday here I come!

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monstagaga said...

Leslie honestly, there's nothing to be happy about. Your just getting older you know? After you turn 21 everything goes by so fast from there. I don't get excited about my bdays now, theyre not like they use to be.