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Thursday, April 28, 2011

wonderful day

Today was an amazing day for me took a mini roadtrip, went to temecula 
day started off with some die hard laker fan at a liquor store who made me giggle, I picked up a magazine with Kat von D on the cover and he goes "OMG I thought you were her" hahah wtf? discovered I can handle patron shots crazyyyy 
spent my day at a tattoo shop BOYS BOOZE&TATTOOS FTW, lost my wallet at a bar BUT I found it! fell outta my purse and it was under the bar stool I was at how awesome is that!  planned a deftones vegas trip woot! super stoked , about that  but most amazing part was who I spent it with. I'm very happy today was great every single part of it!
QUOTE OF THE DAY "Is your last name Kardashian?"
hahaha I hate being told I look like Kim K, even Kat von D but at least I get Kat we are both light with long black hair and fat cheeks ha plus I like her & think she's super pretty so I get flattered, BUT Kim K grosses me the fuck out YEAH I've seen enough of her sex tape to know she's a disgusting dirty ass filthy skonka fuck that! anyways whatver this post is about my lovely day<3

I LOVE those talks you have with a person you’re in a relationship with 
whether its a friendship or romantic relationship, when that talk just deepens your bond no joke its a great feeling to be completely real, honest, and put everything out there. Vulnerability is scary and amazing at the same time, But it’s more amazing when you have someone to share it with and actually want to share it with. Mutual vulnerability is sucha strangely wonderful feeling.

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