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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gift to me, from me xoxo

Vintage lacey lingerie is my absolute favorite !!!!!
I DGAF I'm spurging my first check on some cute somethings 
and I also found these KILLER heels I MUST MUST MUST have
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :) Last year I got myself my ride can't really top that
so this year it's all about some lovely lingerie & those heels AHH! excited!
I'm going all out for a special someone myself, duh WHY? because I can!
and cos there's nothing wrong with treating yourself afterall I do love myself ;)
happy happy happy birthday to me, cos you deserve it beautiful! 
PS-YES i did call myself beautiful you know why cos BEAUTIFUL is better than 
"CUTE", "PRETTY", & "SEXY"that's a hint hint to you fellas 
beautiful > pretty,cute,sexy!
get it got it good
so expect an amazing present gorgeous birthday girl <3
not crazy just a lil dorky NBD sooooooo! haha ;)

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