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Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm going to bitch

  • Hate how 2010 left me jobless, careless assholes no one is fucking hiring right now FUCK! 
  • I have bills shits about to get REALLY hard in about 2 months! Therefore I need a job like oh um TODAY!
  • My gas tank disappears way too fast.
  • People in these dam love triangles, why does everyone HAVE to know everyone!
  • Friends who get mad for no good reason fucking cry babies!
  • Friends who only want you around when they need friends I HATE THAT SHIT!
  • Seeing people I'd really rather not on facebook's 'who you may know'
  • Pitty parties we ALL have issues calm down & don't overreact, it'll get resolved eventually.[this post is NOT a pitty party I did warn I was going to bitch didn't I, YES!]
  • I swear my hair stopped growing, serious.
  • Also if I would have been aware I wouldn't be working I wouldn't have dyed my hair black after about a year of letting my real color in, so I could have gone back to red. TOO LATE NOW DAMMIT.
  • I've kinda lost my way, but I haven't given up, I just hate not knowing what's gonna happen now.
  • Where did all my necklaces go? 
  • Not in school & no money to take any road trips WTF!
  • Changed my number to avoid coke whores & psycho ex's only for some new idiot to keep texting me, when I said WRONG NUMBER!
  • I'm in desperate need of a ladies night, but I'm always the dam DD what's with that?
  • Parents. That's all I'm going to say about that!
  • I miss sushi dates, actually all lunch dates or dinner dates not even with dudes with my girl friends too.
  • Haven't been to a show in ages I miss them.
  • Why must you tell me about my ex? Outta sight outta mind I DON'T CARE! You shouldn't either.
  • Need a new way to get rid of frustration gym isn't doing it for me anymore.
  • Having a car payment which means no moving out for the next 4 years GREAT.
  • Did this bitch REALLY have to date the last guy I actually had true feelings for, I'm over him yeah but seeing her with him is fucking annoying, she was like my sister, ex bffs should just stay away from guys I date, don't needa see that.
  • Hate how people call me a bitch cos I say how I REALLY feel, truth hurts SO DEAL. It's not hating it's saying what we're ALL thinking relax you're NOT better than me cos you don't speak your mind OK.
  • My legs I just hate them end of story, don't tell me they're fine. They may be to you, but not to me issues YEAH WHATEVER.
  • Why do people talk about each other on FB but don't use names IDIOT we ALL know who you're talking about DUMBASS.
  • AND lastly what the fuck is going on with my sex life right now?! FUCK IT'S ALL JUST STUPID.

OK i'm done bitching, glad I got it all out there :) & about the picture HOT SHIT RIGHT? haha

ps-haven't really blogged lately cos I haven't really had anything blog worthy to be honest, this is just a big rant SORRY next blog will be todays beautiful beach pictures. xx

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