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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday was complete shit in ever way possible UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY times 100. Back in 2010 I had high expectations and I got let down tremendously my best friend didn't get me shit, on my actual birthday I was taken to a ghetto ass club by that same best friend [of course no we are no longer friends] full of chuntee sweaties wanting to rub up against me I'M A LADY that shit was gross!!! I stopped talking to the guy I was seeing cos well things fizzled out so I celebrated alone no bday kiss which is fine DON'T NEED a guy to be happy so that's cool but birthday kisses are always cute duh, I bought myself a drink on my birthday, I didn't get hammered it was all just complete shit I took myself to sf and I bought myself my car basically I KNOW sometimes the only person you can really rely on is yourself trust I learned that better than ever last year, so therefore this year I had zero expectations, NOTHING no plans no trip NOTHING. I bought myself some lacey cute lingerie & some hot pumps I blogged about on THIS POST, sorry to sound so bitter I know I'm not the only person who's ever had a shitty birthday, and I know that there's probably people out there with by far even worse birthdays BUT it is sucha shit feeling I don't wish it for anyone. I'm not going into detail about yesterdays shitty ass day I just don't think I'll be celebrating birthdays anymore I'll celebrate what I want when I want. 

Been feeling like an emotion roller coaster I've felt like this for about 2 months now and THIS IS NOT ME, I'm on new meds so that may be it the overly emotional-ness that is, and by new meds no I'm not mental I mean my birth control I should probably switch cos no joke I've never had as many ups and downs in my life as I've had in the past 2 months mood swings to the max IT'S FUCKING INSANE I don't like this at all who the fuck am I? moody over emotional bitch NOOOOO WAY fuck that I can be sensitive at the end of the day I do have a fucking vagina BUT I know I'm not this dam sensitive, I like goin with the flow and lately the flow is more of an emotional roller coaster less of wavy flow I dunno what it is but I'm switching birth control for sure. YESTERDAY was the last of being overly emotional and fucking WEIRD! it's like an little thing gets to me ewwwwwwww I sound so much like sucha girl just writing that sentence yeah I'm gonna end it here cos FUCK FEELING ALL EMOTIONAL it's NOT  a good feeling and it can't be healthy FUCK THIS! FUCK BIRTHDAYS & FUCK CRAZY EMOTIONS-end rant. I just wanna pretend yesterday never happened, someone give me a time machine! 

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