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Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm doing my holiday shopping after Christmas cos I didn't want to get anyone cheap gifts so I'd rather wait til I wasn't super broke, but I was able to finally go get my hair cut, feels super healthy no more china doll bangs nbd tho
oh & i dyed it black again :) 

 chinita bangs in full effect & my hair's brown not jet black
 still brown before the coloring & cutting
ta daaa! black hair & side bangs are back!

I feel like I look little with side bags for some reason  :(
hopefully I get used to em, not hating em but not lovin em either
anyways picture of me & candy on Christmas eve ha, I was so happy I FINALLY got to wear my FE dress! the one i had originally posted in a PREVIOUS POST at the very end of it ha, wore it with tights since my knees were bruised from me falling earlier this week, I love that dress it's so comfy anyways, hope you all had a great christmas too<3 

ps-favorite christmas song<3

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