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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, I can't help quoting you, because everything that you said rings true.

Oh Morrissey, I love you so much, you're lyrics are genius 
and you're just the right amount of strange and incredible.
I can alway count on a Moz song for any and every type of mood I'm in. Listen to Morrissey, it's good for your health.
PS-In case you didn't know where my blogspot name came from,
'Hang the DJ' is from The Smiths song 'Panic' lyrics here-

"Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music they constantly play
On the Leeds side-streets that you slip down
Provincial towns you jog 'round
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ..."

It's ONE of my favorite Moz songs i have a lot, but thats the story behind my blog's name enjoy. xxxo

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