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Sunday, December 5, 2010

i need

i need a place of my own to walk around topless in, it really is sucha great feelin, being topless that is.

I've been wanting to go out on a date lately, with someone interesting, to have some stimulating conversation with, to have nervous laughs with, and have that 'does he digg me?' feeling over, i love dating it's fun when you're single like me.
 Also based on the recent activities of THIS week i'm apparently quite the match maker lol anyways i also saw the new Jake Gyllenhaal Movie its called love & other drugs, i liked it, it WAS a chick flick but it wasn't horrible, so bottom line tho i got a lil depressed after watching it not cos it's sad but because i never realized how much jake gyllenhaal looks like my ex, my east coast ex that is every scene he was in reminded me of my dam ex and i was like dammm he was so dam handsome i miss being in a long distance relationship, obviously since i called him my ex you know that didn't end up working out i won't go into details cos thats in the past, but i really do miss long distance relationships, i can't stand clingyness or seeing someone too often that movie reminded me of how much i like weird relationships that don't usually fall into the "norm" i guess i enjoy having my space, even when i am spoken for i've never been the needy type of girl thank god, i don't need to be with my bf or the guy i'm dating 24/7 to be content in my relationship, not that there is anything wrong with that if you do like to always be with your significant other tho, i'm just saying me personally i don't do that, but you know what they say NEVER SAY NEVER, cos sometimes with the bullshit i deal with from certain people sometimes i do feel like those people who have someone to wife it with are smart, smart in the sense that they can just say fuck it to everyone else and focus on their significant other and no one else maybe it is less drama that way, i've been in the 'see each other everyday relationship' & the 'see each other every summer' and even the 'see each other every 3 months relationship', i'm not gonna say one is better than the other because all it comes down to is if both people really want to make it work, you can have one person want it more than the other, and if you don't have trust you most definitely don't have a relationship, so with that being said whatever happens will happen, right now dating is fun & being single couldn't be any more amazing :) the best part about being young is there is NO MISTAKES it all just research. 

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