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Thursday, November 4, 2010


you'll never how i adore this song but i do, so much, such an oldie but i love it from the lyrics to the music, yep best believe me & your mommas love this song so much<3 i listen to everything so deal ha

now this one i heard & fell in love with, then my grandma passed my room heard me playing it & said this was one of her favorite songs when she was young, she was like how did you heard this song? it's so old? frankly i don't remember but i'm glad i did it's a great song she sings with a lot of passion i digg it ha

"the leader of the pack" another classic by the shangri-las tells a cute little sad story oldie but goodie
 kinda reminds me of the last kiss by pearl jam cos it tells a tragic love story, actually i remember singing this song when i was really little both the spanish & english version my uncle would always be introducing me to the spanish or english versions of certain songs i thought it was so cool, VERY HELPFUL in my translating skills too

anyways i'll end this post with this final song, not cos it's my favorite cos i have WAY too many favorites to post but cos it's the last song i slow danced to with someone, sure it was cheesy and random that they played this song & we actually slow danced to it but it was cute & i had fun that night and it's a memory i can still sit here & smile about while i remember it, no point in feeling sad that it never worked out right, i HAD fun & i HAVE that memory with me, i loved this song before that night & that dance & now i still love it cos now i have a cute funny memory to go along with it,

if you like oldies drop a comment & tell me your favorite oldie, even tho they're oldies i still like discovering new oldies i havent heard before :)

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