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Thursday, October 28, 2010

OMGoth YES! - there’s nothing sadder than a hot dude in BAD shoes!

this weeks blind leading the blind is my favorite so far hahah<3 read on!
1. ‘power-bar’ is a fancy word for ‘candy-bar’.
2. people on facebook with no actual photos of themselves are creepy. Avoid them at all costs. they’re most likely fat, bald, child molesters, who are jerking off 24/7!
3. if you and your crush share at least 15 mutual facebook friends, it’s totallymeant to be.
4. if you don’t have a photo of your girlfriend or boyfriend in your phone, you’re not in love, the relationship is a sham! Case closed!
5. if you meet a guy and IMMEDIATLY get your period, it means you’re soul mates.
6. if the best thing about the end of a movie is checking how many texts, calls, and emails you missed while you were watching….the movie wasn’t very good!
7. hey, lazy skag! when you pull out your tampon, please make sure blood hasn’t sprayed all over the inside rim of the toilet bowel! why do i even have to tell you this shit?! this is common sense! Jesus Christ! please be aware of the mess you don’t think you’re making…… and clean it up you skank!
8. there’s nothing sadder than a hot dude in BAD shoes!
9. running in public is for assholes.
10. making yourself cum right before a business phone call will ALWAYS/ONLY/TOTALLY relax you. (if you’re a tween, substitute ‘business phone call’ with ‘pop quiz’). trust me on this. i’m ONLY trying to make your life better.

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