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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Want The One I Can't Have

you're handsome as a devil, 
your genuine, you're definitely not shallow, 
your a nice sweet guy, you have sexy long hair, 
you have a gorgeous beard i adore, your tall, pale and classy, 
you're always dressed like a real gentlemen, you have a nice set of smackers,
i find you incredibly attractive when i see you around your always looking dapper.
BUT none of this shit matters cos i will never have the balls to ever tell you any of this, 
and i come off the wrong way when it comes to you because obviously you're not interested otherwise you would have made a move by now and i'm way too much of a dam pansy to make the first move myself 
so this is all pointless, you're a charming man i will never have that's all nothing less & nothing more, 
it's all you will ever be so next time i see you and i give you that 'oh hey how ya been smile' & small talk 
inside i'll still think your one handsome SOB i'll never ever be lucky enough to have, 
we adore those who ignore us & ignore those who adore us. sad but so dam true.

ps-of course there's a moz song that relates to my mood right now duh Moz is in my head sometimes enjoy

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