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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doin it and doin it and doin it well...

I went to santa monica yesterday to get my mom something for her birthday and i said i'd get only one thing for myself if that since i do have bills after all & i fell in  love with like 5 things ha so this dress from Foreign Exchange is adorable!!! i need something to wear with my new thigh high jeffrey campells see here : jeffrey campells so when i walked into urban and saw this skirt i was like OH YES! PERFECT! but im gonna wait it out till it goes on sale mini skirt YOU WILL BE MINE! i promise it's a MUST HAVE! the colors i fell in love with instantly i mean i dont own one brown thing in my closet but for some reason i liked that skirt reminds me of an owls feathers?! ha weird i know,oh & did i mention the new boots/wedges i saw at urban these bad boys! YEAH I LOVE THEM no idea wtf i would wear them with but i DO NOT CARE! i want wedge boots now! these are 80 but i cant decide if i want these or these other ones i saw at aldo [see aldo ones here] i can these for 60 if i REALLY wanted em but im not 100% cos i kinda like the urban ones a lil bit more ha!?!?!?! oh what to get jesus i hate being a girl!

here's my boots i still need a dress or skirt for, i was seriously happier than a fat kid with a twinkie when i saw this package in front of my door HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

 They go up over the knee not a lot just enough CANT WAIT to wear them out so worth 300 dgaf i love em!

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