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Sunday, October 24, 2010

i miss

i miss february
i miss random drunk calls telling me you just wanna see me
i miss biting your lip
i miss the way you'd watch me even though you said you weren't the jealous type
i miss old memories i'd have with friends, even if they're no longer in my life
i miss random day trips to venice, dtla, santa monica or even downtown disney
i miss soft lips kissing mine, and they way beards feel against my cheeks
i miss being carefree aka bill free
i miss spending all my paychecks at urban or some other cute store
i miss dressing up for work, heels, dress pants and nice tops
i miss slow dancing with you randomly
i miss how you liked all the same oldies i did
i miss what a gentlemen you always were
i miss how you'd call me at the right time even though you were 3 hours ahead
i miss our talks about the future
i miss how you'd tell me you missed me
i miss how you would tell me to tell people i was spoken for
i miss having a best girl friend i can call anytime who was actually there for me
i miss your eyes and the way you'd raise your eyebrow at me
i miss how close we used to be just us two
i miss us when it was good, before the jealousy and lies
i miss talking to you on the phone almost every night even though we both had bf or gfs
i miss your huge lips
i miss how aggressive you were but always sweet as hell with me
i miss the way, when you held me my face would be buried in your chest
i miss seeing you around from time to time
i miss waking up next to you in your old pasadena apt
i miss you proposing to me, even though we were so young
i miss the way you took care of me
i miss the way i loved taking care of you
i miss making you teas and soups when you were sick
i miss those morning kisses
i miss that closeness we once had that fizzled out
i miss laughing hysterically at nothing yet everything
i miss singing the smiths with you really loud
i miss the way you'd act all tough if you ever felt i was being threatened
i miss being random with you
i miss you being over at my house & me being over at yours
i miss 2006
i miss going over to your house just to not be bored
i miss how whenever you'd be in my room you'd find something cool each time
i miss our drunken good times
i miss movie dates
i miss being shy around a guy for the first few dates
i miss how you'd call me your sister and made sure no one fucked with me
i miss the way i had my co workers spearted from my friends
i miss how EASY it was when they were seprate
i miss having someone ask me about my day & listen to them tell me about theirs
i miss having someone to hold
i miss laying with someone watching a movie
i miss holding hands while we walk through a crowd
i miss the way i am when i'm with someone
i miss having someone to call & say goodnight
i miss all of these, from everyone, i really do

ps-this isn't about anyone in particular it's actually about a lot of people, almost everyone i've ever been close to in some way or another, as friends, as more than just friends. I've always said i will always cherish my memories with people even if they are no longer in my life anymore, i always love the memories no matter what, they've made me who i am today.

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