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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

thrifting,deals,and designs

went thrifting sunday at the fairfax flea market, then went down the street to melrose only to buy a 60 dollar shirt at urban and NOTHING at the flea market wtfff everytime we passed by places that sold rings, necklaces and little figurines i has to stop myself from getting them, i was on a mission to stricly buying stuff for halloween and i pretty much stuck to it too! go me  i mean except for that urban top hahah i'm going back this sunday to biuy stuff at the flea market, went to downtown on tuesday and bought about 50% of my costumes, YES costumes i have about 3 haha it's ok tho cos i spent less that 50 bones for pretty much at 3 costumes, oh bought some yummy bubble gum snow cones which were bomb and also ran into some 70's roller disco characters they made my day blastin they're boom box allover the flea market that was my fave! love thrifting

ps-these are the boots i bought for my group costume i'll be doing with my lady friendsss aren't they GORG! i got such an amazing deal on them to! i'm an amazing thrifter btw i'll get you thee best deals ha i got 4 pairs of these bad boys, our 4 hats, a tutu, 4 yards of fabric & then some new stuff for new hair clips/head bands i've made for less than 100 :) NOWE THAT'S A DEAL i love la<3 best deals lie in downtown la serio

OH & these are SOME of what my new hair clips/headbands i've made few so far but expect more later contact me on fb or something to buy & get my paypal info, think thats a private link but if not get at me on here :) hope you like em, i don't make repeats so if you like one holla asap people

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