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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WRONG REASON to date a guy

1- HIS CAR! a car doesn't make a man, however if a chump is bussin it don't be his taxi either!
2-HIS BOD! serio are that superficial?!? any guy can turn that 6 pack into a beer belly ANY GUY!
3-HIS JOB! gold digging slut work for your own shit, you wouldn't want someone moochin off YOU!
4-HE'S A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU'RE A MODEL!, get over it get ahead on your own, not connections
5-HOW HE TREATED HIS EX! umm it's his EX NOT YOU 2 different people meaning he'll be different with you WHY? cos she's not you duh
6-HIS STYLE! sure he dresses like he should be in gq doesn't mean he's intresting or has any of the other qualities you need to have in order to date him
7-HIS HAUUUTE TATS! some guys get the stupidest tattoos just to look like "a badass" SO NOT THE CASE
8-"HE'S A DJ aka I GET INTO CLUBS FREE" sucking dick to sit behind a dj & shake your ass YOU'RE SO COOL ...NOT! YOU'RE A HOOCHIE GROUPIE!
9-HE WORKS AT @#%$*! aka DISCOUNTS FOR ME! don't be a moocher seriously work & pay for you own shit REAL MEN & WOMEN do this LEARN.
10-HE HAS MONEY so? he can take you to nice places to impress you cool whatever but once he actually gets you don't expect the courting process to continue you're not a baby you cant be spoiled all the time with gifts, trips & fancy dinners, you're not princess diana!
11-HE HAS HIS OWN PLACE- exactly HIS OWN PLACE not yours! its HIS pad & just cos you don't have to pay for a room now doesn't mean after a few sleepovers you're officially moving in together
12-HE MAKES ME LOOK GOOD-bottom line if that is the reason you date a guy YOU'RE PATHETIC!

COME ON LADIES you should know this stuff WAKE UPPPPPPPPP!

ps-i have no love for hoes! ;]

"Now, I ain’ sayin’ she a gold digga… but she ain’t messin’ wid no broke nigga"

rip anna nicole smith she was epic <3 but also probably one of the most famour gold diggers ever

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