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Sunday, June 20, 2010

the blind leading the blind (part 42):

1. if the best thing about him is that he likes you, move on. that’s not enough. and grow some self esteem you pussy!
2. it’s not rape if you’re sleeping.
3. whoops, my bad, my bad. what i meant was: it’s not rape if he’s super cute!
4. dudes that respect you don’t call you suuuuper late at night asking to meet up/come over!
5. be thankful you have an innie belly button!
6. if you have an outie belly button, don’t be ashamed. but also, could you do me and the rest of the population with eyeballz a favor and PLEASE NOT wear a midriff baring shirt! thanks boo!
7. sometimes you have to make hard decisions that will make people angry. stand by your decision and be strong. you can’t please everybody all the time. you have to take care of you first!
8. if you have a choice, choose good-looking!
9. only girls are allowed to wear flip flops. (this rule is only waived if a dude is at the beach, surfing).
10. date someone who you would never normally date, just to try it! who knows?!
ps- i didnt write this check out imboycrazy.com its awesome ;]

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