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Saturday, June 12, 2010

fuck it

 I'm so ugly, but that's okay 'Cause so are you. -kurt cobain<3

where do i begin? um FUCK FLAWS ;)

i don't enjoy being mistaken for Armenien or Persian [no offense if you are]
my ankles are too skinny
i hate feet, your feet, my feet , feet grose me out ALL FEET [don't even get me started on sandals]
i have a nasty hand tan, they just look dirty not tanned [FUCK LONG SLEEVES]
my hair is way too big, making my head look big
my hair is never tamed it's always huge & wild
i have an uneven tan from head to toe
my legs look like they've never met sunlight
i have bony fingers
i don't like my legs
or my shoulders
there's too much fat in my cheeks
my lips are full but my mouth is small
i really want a nose job
my forehead isn't big, so my bangs don't look as cute as girls with bigger foreheads, it's more a threehead
& i'm too short, i wish i was taller

fuck it.

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