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Friday, June 25, 2010

can't believe it's been one year

since mj died i remember the day it happened i was on my way to santa monica and as i got to where i was going i see all these cop cars and paramedics and media i couldn't get to where i was going and it was only down the street when i finally did get there i turned on the news and realized mj was allover the news, so i sat there and watched all this media coverage about him, when he was actually pronounced dead the media went into more of a frenzy it was a sad day all around gloomy weather and then all his hard core fans being heart broken about his death it's amazing how one person affected so many lives it's a trip but what a way to go he will never ever be forgotten R.I.P. michael you're music will never die! king of pop thanks for all the music<3

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