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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things I find super attractive guys do, say, know, or have

  • be intelligent
  • have manners
  • not be shy
  • like a challenge
  • sing out loud in the car, at shows, wherever he feels like it
  • give as well as know how to take a compliment
  • make goofy faces
  • make that sexy half smirk
  • have swag
  • smell really good
  • have muscular arms
  • look handsome NOT cute
  • tell me about their day
  • have the same taste in movies as i do
  • be strong, physically, emotionally and mentally
  • know how to drink without getting sloppy
  • have broad shoulders
  • pull off being scruffy as well as not being scruffy
  • dress like gentlemen
  • be funny
  • press their lips together
  • get frustrated
  • know when to leave me alone
  • know when to approach me
  • like the music I like
  • tell me about music I might like
  • take me to shows where good bands or artists play
  • dance like fools
  • hold my hand while walking through a crowded room
  • be flirty with me
  • use proper grammar
  • be mature
  • carry an interesting conversation
  • ask me how my day was
  • open doors
  • tell me stories, experiences, jokes
  • don't mind that I'm a biter
  • say please & thank you to people we encounter while being out
  • sleep or lay beside me, without cuddling
  • give me that raised eye brow 'hey there' look
  • wear nice kicks
  • have those morning eyes they have the minute they wake up
  • ask me to text them once I get home
  • not think its weird that I enjoy tracing his lips
  • like the same mlb team as I do
  • be hard working
  • strive and have real passion for something meanful
  • be genuine
  • find my clumsiness cute
  • not get jealous, or try and make me jealous
  • have confidence 
  • know when to be aggressive
  • be random, and like that I can be random sometimes too
  • are good with their hands
  • can be man enough to talk about shit when needed
  • be charming
  • act silly
  • being straight forward
  • make me wear their coat/sweater if outside cos he doesn't want me to get sick
ps-YES of course I realize there's not ONE man that has every single thing on my list THAT would be nonsense! This isn't a check off list, just my opinions stated that's all. ENJOY! FYI these are my likes NOT standards it'd be a shame if someone was that picky ha- xx

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