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Thursday, January 7, 2010

some 2010 date tips

1-GUYS please grow a brain DON'T pick up a girl and be on the phone?!?!
wtf is wrong with you if you're picking up a girl be a gentleman and greet her
im not saying bring flowers im saying acknowledge that you're happy she agreed to go out with you

2-don't text on a date GUY & GIRLS don't if you're into them you won't do it so quit it pay attention to your dat enot your phone

3-GIRLS good girls spit dirrty girls swallow EVEN GUYS KNOW THIS really you just met a guy and you're gonna swallow don't be nasty

4-IF you're on a FIRST date DO NOT bring up your ex honestly how dumb are you?!
talking about your ex=NOT BEING OVER THEM there's going to be plenty of other dates, if your first date goes swell, in which you can bring up your past realtionship IF YOU WANT TO?! if not its cool don't talk about it we shouldnt but we ALL do judge a lil on peoples past and even if you may not judge it does alter your views on the other person

5-telling the person your on a date with you you USED to be a lil crazy as in a lil SLUTTY but you're TOTALLY not anymore COME ON GROW UP we didnt need to know that if your telling someone its cos deep down you're a lil proud of your bad rep so instead of telling them you've changed SHUT UP AND PROVE IT
actions speak louder that words how many times do i have to tell you this!

k goodluck hope these tips help:)

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