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Sunday, January 24, 2010

the difference between men & boys is...


so earlier i ranted on face book about the difference between boys and men
"ya wanna know what the difference between men & boys is? STRAIGHT FORWARDNESS!!! and i cant even begin to explain how much i appreciate straight forwardness, little boys and their mind games are high school"
sooo true why is it that boys always keep you guessing, i mean i hear their game and i'm just like yeah yeah how many other girls is this fool spitting this same game to?
i never think awwwww he said this & that, he's so sweet. no! call me skeptical? i call it not being naive. a man tends to be more direct a boy asks you out by saying we should hang out? whereas a man asks you out by saying would you like to go out with me? Or go to dinner with me? etc NOTICE the difference "WE SHOULD" = unsure of himself unsure of you & unsure of his intentions. A man however, with his "WOULD YOU LIKE TO" is completely comfortable putting it all out there translation... Hey you I'm intrested and I wanna get to know you so lets go out... I'm not saying all older guys are men cos god knows you can be 25 and still be telling girls 'Hey we should hang out' which is sad! unless you really do just want to hang out but if you meet someone who sparks your intrests its better to fully ask her out on an officail date then you can decide if your still intrested or not. But age doesn't determine whether you're a man or a boy your attitude does your confidence CONFIDENCE NOT COCKYNESS! can't stress that enough

so i guess my point is MEN are straight forward, direct and confident no mind games needed if you lay out what you want on the table.Think about it unless a girls fucking stupid [sorry ladies but a big group of you are] she'll get the hint on how some boys are with them and how MEN are with them. WE NOTICE! don't ever assume a girl is only talking to YOU or only intrested in YOU! so take the initiative GROW A SACK & MAN UP! if you're feeling someone TELL THEM! what's the worst that could happen YOU'LL GET TURNED DOWN WOW?! fucking get over it IT HAPPENDS TO EVERYONE YES EVERYONE! trust me the prettiest girl the handsomest most charming man we all get turned down & we ALL GET OVER IT?! if you get turned down don't take it as a negative take it as a postive good for you now you know it wouldn't have happened. No point dreading something that can never happen no point wasting your time & energy if someone has already told you or displayed they are not intrested in you! So get over it. Tell someone if you're feeling em!!! what if you totally are and you're too much of a pansy little boy to man up and tell that person, and someone else is already telling the same person you're intrested in "hey THEY THEMSELVES" are also intrested BUT they had the BALLS to tell her?! & YOU DIDNT! WHAT THEN guys she wont wait forever trust me. from one to the next ina heartbeat IT HAPPENDS!

BELIEVE ME SOME GIRLS do want to be swept off their feet MEN DO THIS boys dont! men by taking the inititaive to get to know a girl & tell a girl how they feel about her which can lead to MEN totally wooing a girl into diggin you even more than before
and this may or may not lead to a positive but why waste time?! DON'T there's SOOOO many people out there. Let people know how you feel. HEY if your the relationship type go for it! find that person you feel comfortable enough to be with if NOT why are you wasting your time one someone who ONLY wants a relationship? if you like being single and being able to have who ever you want be direct with your intentions as well, no point in beating around the bush for what ya want right dudes? and no all of a sudden boyfriend behavior IF YOU DIDNT ASK HER TO BE YOUR GF THEN DON'T ACT LIKE SHE IS! so you took her out on one date and the next week shes out with another guy HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT THATS NOT A SLUT! talking to multiple people at once is totally FINE! HOWEVER doing shit! with multiple people TISK TISK! thats a lil slutty multiplie partners=multiple risks so if you ARE be safe & let the people know their not the only one your seeing! thats not fair! & nobody likes a tease either so STOP BEING ONE you know who YOU are!

It sucks but its true no girl is going to wait around for one guy to FINALLY become intrested. I'm talking from experience btw yes I was once a fool having the biggest lil girl crush on someone and finally one day I just got sick of how pathetic I seemed wanting someone so bad who never EVER displayed any intrest in me as someone who could be more than his friend. OK so I didnt realize it all by myself BUT having guy friends in my life to tell me my shit straight up helped. my freind told me make a move take the initiative he's not a mind reader hows he supposed to know you're intrested so i did [SORTA thats another story im not gonna get into]& I got turned down it sucked but I got over it and moved on! BEING DIRECT =RESULTS whether negative or positive it gets you results SO BE DIRECT!!! stop being a PUSSY! and guys when you meet a girl don't assume every girl wants a relationship I FUCKING HATE THAT! wtf since when is there only 2 types of girls 1-THE SLUT 2-THE ONE WHO WANTS A RELATIONSHIP ummm no!
I like being single correction I LOVE IT! not having someone asking me where im at? and who im with? and where im going? AMAZING! NOW dont get me wrong i've been in serious relationships but right now iIjust want to date and if I find someone who i really am intrested in who I can REALLY see my self being in a relationship with then you know what it'll happen! as for now I'm just enjoying life & having no expectations so far im sticking to it im happy im never hung up on guys & im enjoying my single life in a non slutty way either thank you! anyways back to my point don't be clingy and don't ASSUME! if ya wanna know JUST ASK we'll tell you! be respectful & direct I know theres a SHITLOAD of sluts out there giving non slutty girls a bad name but THATS LIFE if a guy just assumes your a slut ladies & your not LET HIM KNOW :) if you are a slut LET HIM KNOW he'd like you for a good 10 minutes ;) whatever be a slut, dont be a slut and have morals just know what YOU WANT I'm not here to judge or tell people they should be this way and not that way I'm just here telling you GUYS & GIRLS be direct mind games are bullshit.boys man up & be direct if your ready to tell a girl you're really intrested in her. lets cut the bullshit!

ps-this is NOT about anyone in particular its about whats happened to me, friends, co workers a lot of people in my life pretty much i've heard some of this shit from all of them including myself i just finally felt like sharing my thoughts
i REALLY hope this helps some of you<3


Anonymous said...

I like it. You are highly opinionated. Next time though, lets work on your grammar..:P

leslie said...

HAHAH I tend to get a little carried away when i start writing that stuff i get to into it to proof read lol my bad i'll fix oncei have time