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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 you're officially here

im so glad to finally meet you!
2009 was full of simmering down and discovering what i want
gotta fabulous job and i've kept everyone in my life that needs to be there
havent dealt with too much bullshit i hope 2010 is the same way except lets face it not as boring! its all good tho 2010 equals 21st birthday cant be boring after that
ikm sykked for coachella and i think 2010 is gonna be the best year yet
still not down to settle down but if i happen to meet someone worth spending time with i will im open minded this year its all about out with the old in with the new
so far this years been amazing the whole 4 days of it :)
hahaha new years was rad my weekend was even better and my night last night was cute!

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