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Friday, February 4, 2011

Rules to live by. For you fellas!

  1. We have the kitty... we call the shots... 
  2. If I bite that's my way of saying I like what you're doing there buddy/I'm loving this so take it as 'GOOD JOB ;)'
  3. If he doesn’t go down on you, he doesn’t get inside of you.
  4. It's not over when you're over so get down there and handle some business, be a master at getting her off by sucking on her mother fucking pussy, don't just suck, lick, flick, tickle, kiss, nibble, use the tip of your tongue and slowly stick your finger inside her. Make a woman cumming in your mouth your ambition!!!
  5. Knowing how to give amazing head and practicing this talent on a woman gives you power. The more you make her cum the more power you have, use it wisely.
  6. Size does matter to a certain point but girth matters more & the way you use it, so if you're having issues please refer to #4
  7. Pay attention listen to what she enjoys if she's moaning keep up the good work obviously a girl's enjoying that DUH, If she doesn't or you just don't know ask COMMUNICATION is key when it comes to being intimate with someone.
  8. If she wraps her legs around you she want you deeper TAKE THE HINT thrust harder,change positions, grab a pillow to put underneath her whatever, LOOK out for hints if she's not as verbal about telling you what she likes/wants. 
  9. Choose your gear WISELY! there's nothing sadder than a hot guy in bad shoes, or bad clothes you don't wanna blow it before you even open your mouth right? & if you do open your mouth it should be to eat pussy, oh wait too far?
  10. Back handed compliments are so 2010 but sexy sarcasm that's hot! 
  11. Don't be a fool cover you're tool! Man up & make sure your ass always has condoms ALWAYS ALWAYS talking about who's gonna go get plan b the next day is the most horrific conversation you could have serious! We've all done it & if you haven't & don't listen to this advice YOU WILL! it ain't cute so don't do it, don't be silly wrap your willy!
  12. When flirting through texts or e-mail don't forget to set up the girl for a reply text! Otherwise you've texted yourself into an un-sexy, feeling kinda dumb,little corner
  13. On that note don't text or fb or tweet on a date it will ruin everything I swear it will! Put your phone away!
  14. Hold the door for girls IT'S FREE you sleaze bag!!! 
  15. Suck and lick her nipples man. Pull a nike and just do it, a nip caress while your kissing ain't so bad either.
  16. ALWAYS make sure your date got home safely "text me so I know you got home ok" it's not that hard motherfucker so have manners & make sure she got home safe.
  17. Can't stress this one enough! Just because you've "heard" about a girl liking a certain "type" of guy that you don't happen to be ex-"oh she only likes light guys with beards & colored eyes" & you just so happen to not be or have ANY of those features WELL excuse me, but there's a lil something most of us have, It's called personality fucker! have a great one & non of that shit matters! & if it DOES matter that much to a girl FUCK THAT SHALLOW ASS BROAD! you don't need that or want it, So ask a girl out if your interested! CONFIDENCE A HUGE TURN ON. I'll let you in one a little secret EVERYONE GETS SHUT DOWN/REJECTED IN LIFE you move on, that's the worst that can happen rejection, and it happens to everyone so fuck what you hear make your OWN judgments! HAVE CONFIDENCE!
  18. Live your life like you have this huge dick in your pants EVEN if you don't. You know what, FUCK like you have a big dick too, again even if you don't!
  19. If she want dirty talk make sure she's not going to get offended if you start with the "yeah bitch" & "take that you fucking dirty slut" lingo some girls want dirty talk, but not disrespectful dirty talk, THAT can TOTALLY kill the mood if you find out mid-sex she actually gets super offended at that, Especially if it's the first time you're having sex. So keep in mind dirty talk can be dirty without being disrespectful you don't have to call a girl a filthy little whore to talk "dirty". Start slow keep it sensual if she's fine with that keep it that way until she wants something dirtier, nastier etc. NEVER EVER assume you can end up getting bitch slapped & left with some severe blue balls.
  20. Last BUT most importantly, passionate slow & steady love making is really nice and all, but if she tells you she want aggression, get aggressive! Throw me against the wall, pull my hair, wrap your hands around my throat, hold me down, kiss my neck, grab ass hard, make me moan, bite my lips, neck, hips, spank my ass and don't stop till I'm shaking. It's called aggression some girls love it, so if you're not sure what she means by "be more aggressive" try a few or be a champ & try them all!
So this post was inspired by a lil convo with a friend on facebook "Some boys need to learn a few things...Rule #1... I have the kitty.. I call the shots..." Couldn't have agreed any more, this was rules from myself, friends & here. This is the real deal straight from us ladies's mouths to you. So take this womanly insight and use it and abuse it! hopefully you got something out it, pass this on everyone can use advice <3.
READ it LEARN it & LOVE it. ENJOY it.-xx

PS-If you'd like to add a rule or just leave a comment on one of these go ahead & drop me a comment<3 I read everything, just don't ask me which of these I personally am a fan of, some things I like to keep personal ;) between me & my significant other. thank you!