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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey you,

 You know that feeling of when you first meet someone and get excited whenever you see them? That being thrilled feeling as well as scared. It's like a huge rush, rush about what is it exactly that you're feeling, real feelings? is it lust? and is it lust alone? is it lust and real feelings too? what the fuck is going on here? RIGHT you get me? Well, yeah that feeling is intense. Instant chemistry is scary as hell, but amazing at the same time. Its so fucking weird! You can talk to whoever is giving you these feelings and realize you're both on the same page, And yet that scary thrill is still there. It's a little overwhelming at times but it's awesome! Like a REALLY hard ass spank during sex, you know that shit hurts like a mother fucker, But it feels fucking amazing at the same time. Guess all you can do is enjoy the ride, take things as they come, and do what you want to do, don't leave any room for what if's later on, and live it up! Of course living it up doesn't mean being a fool either tho, KNOW how both of you feel, don't guess. Adults talk shit out! little girls and boys wonder about them. We're adults here we can talk about feelings people, this isn't high school. Don't buy into games be smart with who you get vulnerable around or don't get vulnerable around. Be careful who you get intimate with or don't get intimate with [emotionally as well as physically] Don't have expectations they CAN lead to disappointments later. It's best to go with the flow, I know easier said that done but try and keep that mentality. Focus on now as opposed to tomorrow, if you're happy, be happy. If you have feelings enjoy them. If you like things the way there going, don't fuck up. ENJOY this crazy, scary, thrilling rush it's not something you come across that often, or at least it shouldn't be so enjoy it, live it up, have no regrets and be excited its one of the best feelings to have! seriously it's up there with orgasms ;)

PS-little letter for anyone who is going through this, has gone through it, wants to go through this, oh a lil for myself, hey we all need advice sometimes, even if its from ourselves reminding us to just follow our own advice, keep practicing what we preach to ourselves. Hope you enjoy<3

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