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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Leaving to the big apple in a few haven't even packed FML! but im soooo excited ready to take a lot of pictures & look at all the beautiful places:] serious so stokedddd im finally going. i tried to say by to everyone & i love everyone who genuinly wished me a good trip xoxo<333 you guys are awesome to those i didn't say bye to i did try YOU probably were just being assholes KARMA! is all i'm saying, so i'll be at lax in a lil then NY :) IF my plane crashes first off i hope its on the way home so i atleast saw ny but if not i've truly lived a great life, ill die in peace i've met alot of amazing people in my life & even though we might not be close anymore i cherish al;l teh memories ive had with them the good and the bad cos it's made me who i am and i love where im at in life right now, i've had a lot of crazy nights not recently but the past ones are enough LOVE LIFE, VIVA MOZ, if i die lifes greattttt! ps-my last night in la was kinda boring but fuck it my friends are assholes i guess what can you do FORGET REGRET HOMIE!!!!


Justine Marie said...


I wanna go! When you come back to LA lets grab lunch :)

leslie said...

i'm back letsss girl :)