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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Close minded??? me?

OH REALLY? is it really being closed minded when I know for a fact that I would never be a good mother therefore i never want kids. truth is i think the whole marriage and kids thing is complete bullshit at it's best. maybe I am the only one in this whole wide world who thinks so but it's true, it's how i feel when I make money I feel like I work my ass off for it, and I want to spend it on what I choose, not necessarily on myself but what I want. I like buying myself stuff & buying my loved ones kick ass gifts because I just like making them happy as well as myself. ex-bought MYSELF my dope camera also bought MYSELF my brand new car which if i had  kids or a kid right now that would 100% NOT be possible. I have plans that i seriously planning on sticking to having a kid would ruin that for me. i'm not saying people who have kids young don't have plans i'm sure they did but I just don't see how if they REALLY would have TRULY WANTED their plans to come through then they would have tried harder to prevent having a kid or kids right? i mean 1-condom 2-if you don't like how they feel get on birth control 3-if you forget to take them go get the shot & 4-IF YOU STILL FUCK UP GO GET PLAN B! its super easy anyone can get it BUT that shouldn't be your form of birth control, especially if you do plan on having kids later. I guess what i'm saying is theres so many ways to stay safe aka baby free and accomplish all you want to accomplish. ALSO i'm not saying if you do want kids young your dumb or anything NOT AT ALL! i'm just saying i know thats not what i want, i don't think its fair to bring a child or children into this world when you can't promise to be with their mom or dad forever and having kids young doesn't really increase your chances of staying together. [FYI as for lesbians or gays who adopt same thing if you don't plan on staying together forever please don't have a kid together, there is NOTHING wrong with 2 women or 2 men raising a kid, the kid just has to have support from both parents no matter what gender.] i don't think its fair to have a child or children either if you know you're gonna be a no good parent 1-alcoholics/druggies [you need to be there for them not drunk or high]2-people on welfare, bums [how are you gonna provide for them YOU'RE NOT]3-abusive people [don't ever hit kids wtf is wrong with you asshole] 4-people with no parenting skills aka me![YES i'm selfish, & i have no patience] 5-people with no interest in actually raising their own kids, the people who pass them onto relative and relative FUCK THAT, THAT IS NO FAIR TO INNOCENT KIDS WHO DIDN'T ASK TO BE HERE. i just feel I've made a choice, that i don't ever want kids, but that doesn't make me close minded I can be around kids, if I see a cute baby I'm not gonna be like "ehh ok and?" no "ill be like aw hi there baby :)" not that heartless thank you it's not like i hate kids i don't i just don't necessarily like them that much, and I don't want to have one when i know i have certain goals that are my main priority which a kid would just stand in the way of, even if having a kid wouldn't stand in the way i know how I am I don't have patience when it comes to kids, I like spending my money on me & my loved ones, kids are expensive. I also want to travel a lot kids are baggage! its not something I want now or in my future, I want to go to school, get an education, live in sf for a few years, make loads of money, move back to la, preferably santa monicia and a shit load of more things that DO NOT include a kid, yes i know people change but I don't want to I want to accomplish what I want and make my dream come true. Kids are just not for me and I'm fine with that, if thats close minded to you, then that's you, buts it's not close minded to me its knowing what I want.

ps-I'm not saying I wanna be alone either I believe you can totally be in a committed relationship without the title of "marriage" and having a kid or kids, but that's another blog stay tuned :) k thanks xo

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