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Friday, April 23, 2010

cheers to my trip to sf & an awesome month

so this month has been a rollercoaster of amazingness! bought MYSELF my car yes myself, not mommy & daddy, i saved & i lived on a budget & i was able to make a decent down payment & got the car i wanted for a GREAT deal too! i shopped around & found a great car. I took a road trip with my bestest friend to san francisco & i had the time of my life no lie! it was amazing i love traveling, love museums, love tours, rode on teh cable cars, walking the city & shoppin did it all in sf! vistited fishermans wharf, alcatraz, twin peaks, chinatown, MOMA [museum of modern arts], golden gate bridge,took the public transit, rode on the bus with tranny/ drag queens, & took thousands of pictures! it was awesome to get away from everything but at the same time its everything i came back to that made san fran possible my job since i paid for it, & my family who i missed while i was gone. took my car to sf & made it back all in one piece safe & sound. Spent my sf trip with my bestie laughed way too, much got way too silly, and also we shopped and i mean shopped! anyways thats probably gonna be my last mini vacation or shoppin spree for a while now that i have my new car to pay off every month but it was SOOO worth it! having a car i can say i paid for by myself because of my hard work means everything to me, going to sf because my job allowed me to & allowed me to pay for was awesome. it's stuff like that that makes being independent & hard working all worth it! i'm so glad i had this experience, so glad i have a great job! so glad i have friends who aren't bums so i can enjoy these experiences with them & SOOO happy about my car! i wish everyone great luck with anything they do because hard work DOES pay off TRUST ME, stick to stuff, don't give up! you're only letting yourself down! no matter what don't give up. if you want something go out & get it yourself! life isn't handed to you & if it is i guarantee you wont appreciate what you have like you would when you've earned something yourself, on your own. it is thee best feeling & so worth it! ;) GO FOR IT!
ps- my birthday is sunday super excitedddd<3

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