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Friday, February 26, 2010

life right now

Seriously so many girls are being big sluts celebrating the whole if a guy can be a player so can a girl. WHATEVER don't go out play mind games on dudes then expect a guy your really into to be decent with you, its called karma life doesn't always work out the way you want it too. But SERIOUSLY GREAT GUYS ARE LIKE DINOSAURS EXTINT! I'm being serious. Too many girls have fucked over such nice great amazing guys & now they're all players, spitting the same game at you and 5 other chicks, cheaters, flakes, sketches, pansies too scared to tell a girl if they're even feelin her, and flat out assholes. Find me a good guy who isn't like that i DARE YOU! they either find a girl there into and are total amazing gentlemen then give it a month or two if your not putting out they're already too sexually frustrated to keep up this gentlemen thing and find someone who is down to get the friection on. I'm not saying all guys are cheaters im saying you sluts have fucking ruined good guys. Why go through the trouble of getting a cow when you can get the milk for free? OR some other quote like that. I mean why should a guy go and look for something genuine and real with a girl, a girl he can have a connection with, and be into who will accept him with all his flaws, see the good in him, be there for him & motivate him, who brings out the best in him WHY THE FUCK IS HE GONNA DO THAT when he can get ass from any slut on a friday night around last call at your local bars TELL ME WHY? theres no point shit i wouldnt. i guess what i mean is decent guys are gone & if by chance you've found someone to take you as you are, who's committed & not about chasing after sluts for side projects then fucking appreciate what great MAN yes MAN you have in your life because MEN are honest and trusting, boys are immature liars, and theres just way too many boys out there you sluts have ruined. Theres no such thing as a courting process anymore one date two dates three dates... she hasn't put out yet nahhh thats shits over! really thats how it is nowadays and thats sad. A nice girl got fucked over, becomes a bitch, and fucks over a nice guy, who then becomes an ass, and fucks over a nice girl & it starts all over again. FUCK THIS CYCLE IT SUCKS!
it's not cool & i refuse to be a part of it im young im gonna live it up like i should
so guys lemme tell you something I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, HOW YOU FEEL, AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME, IF YOU THINK YOU'RE DIFFERENT YOU'RE NOT. Im young, im not down to get so serious with anyone right now im enjoying my life, my freedom and being single, meeting new people & having fun with them in a NON SLUTTY WAY EITHER THANKS. Never being tied down or feel shitty about some guy or should i say boy! i havent felt that way in so long and i think im used to it now i like never being ina shitty mood over a guy! i get annoyed when a girl tells me about some guy making her feel shitty or sad im like WAKE THE FUCK UP BE SINGLE & FREE you'll be happy. I dont believe i need a guy to make me happy amazing friends YES but a guy NEVER! Thank my fucking morales i've never had to way up thinking what a great night wait why do i have bruises down there and shit. wtf did i do last night exactly YEAH no thanks im glad i've never dealt with having to go buy plan b over a night of being a stupid slut THANK YOU MORALS! & FUCK SLUTS! So fuck guys right now maybe its just the guys in the la area but you're all definatley NOT something i look forward to, you're sleazy, sketchy immature little shits & whatever girl ruined you i wanna slap across the face cos i believe deep down at some point you guys could have been great charming men, but your ruined whether by some bitch or by how girls are nowadays YOU'RE RUINED! sex crazed, horny, sketchy, lying, bastards. SAD BUT TRUE Someday i do wanna be really into a great guy who's mature, knows what he wants & isnt afraid to go out into the world and get it, who thinks for himself, whos charming funny, friendly, handsome, witty, direct, with great taste in music, movies and art, who knows how to be honest, trustworthy and most of all A REAL GENUINE MAN, but as for right now this person does not exist. He can't he'd be way too perfect too be true i dont want perfect i want REAL with real passion, real feelings, real words who isnt gonna spit some bullshit game or lead me on or be a sketchy ass little boy. Someone to accept flaws and all however flaws liek lying & being a sketch i will never put up with EVER! SO I WON'T LET MYSELF BE TIED DOWN. its not worth it YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT TO ME. I wanna travel, make money, spend MY hard earned money on whatever the fuck i want, do things, go out on dates, paint, read great books, finish school, move to frisco, meet amazing people, do great things settling down is NOT an option. ITS JUST NOT. ps-

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