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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

daria & meaning what you say

so finally daria! episodes on dvd come out this year HELL YEAH!:)
PS-i want my moz tattoo alreadyyyy!
today advice tips etc.
honestly mind games are high school. don't fuck with people even if you know you can it's not very nice and karma WILL be a bitch if you are! Now i am talking about the people in your life you care about don't fuck with those you care about about because if you really do care you won't mess with them and give them bullshit in the first place. Think about it why would you lie to someone who cares about you & accepts you with all your flaws? YOU SHOULDN'T im not saying be straight up with everyone you meet no im talking about those in your life already. Friends family and special friends if their in your life already then be honest dont give them bullshit im sure they dont deserve it and lying never leads to any good FOR SERIOUS!

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