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Saturday, December 19, 2009

i really dont know

how it is that i became this person i am today
this whole getting along with guys over girls
not wanting to be ina relationship
not ever wanting kids, marriage, or settling down,
sometimes caring too much about friends when THEY don't care at all
and having this mentality that i have im not sayin i 100%
think like a guy i dont, i dont go out and fuck anything that moves
i actually have morals. i despise homewreckers and sluts
i am old fashioned, in when im intrested in someone i do make the effort to get to know them as a person and if their not up to my standards i move on
its not shallow my standards arent physical attractions, my standards are being motivated and doing something with their life being a good soul honest and genuine
i dont take any guy seriously only cos i know from my own guy friends the same game their spitting at you their spitting to every other girl and then some,
sometimes i think is a bad thing to hang with mostly dudes and get them without letting their mind games get to me but then again
i'd rather never fall hard then fall hard for every guy to tell me he wants to " get to know me" i do have trust issues but i can admit that
being that the only reason i do have trust issues isnt what my guy friends fill me in on guy mentality but what has actually happened to me in a past relationship
FUCK cheaters never date a cheater they dont change they ALWAYS lie
and never let a guy turn you into a SLUT because like the chick from paramore said once a whore you're nothing more theirs no going backwards with guys as in fucking him your first dat ethen expecting the call and second date you already gave em what he wanted so be a SLUT for serious RESPECT YOURSELF! prove you deserve respect!
bottom line is sluts dont deserve respect, and as for me i think sometimes we build up walls, not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to knock them down.

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