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Friday, December 4, 2009

guys don't change

silly girls!
once a cheater always a cheater why do girls always think THEY will be that ONE GIRL who he won't cheat on the ONE whos gonna change him your dead wrong

and actually im not just talkin about cheating alotta things guys dont change and the few that do change for better or for worse as in, from a low life they'll become someone and do something valuable OR have a baby and live off well fare and a minimum wage job paying for diapers

whatever my point is GUYS DONT CHANGE stop trying to change them if you find someone your content with treat them good because honestly they'll be good to you and vise versa girls really need to stop trying to change guys

if their so dam disrespectful call every girl a slut or a whore what makes you think your going to earn his respect your not! its in his head already that ALL girls are skanks and he can treat them like shit so drop this loser and his loser mindset and go find someone whos gonna treat you GOOD!

-piece a my mindddd, now sweet dreams everyone

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