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Sunday, October 11, 2009


we adore those who ignore us
and ignore those who adore us...
so sad but true
-i have an ex who hasnt left me alone in years i ignore his calls texts everything.
sometimes he'll call when im with my girlfriends and they all say he's so sad you should talke to him he's always apologizing and he seems sincere yeah yeah blah blah [i'll get back to why he's my EX at the end] so anyways one of my best friends always tells me i would have forgiven him ages ago. WHATEVER its not that im holding on to not forgiving him i couldnt care less my point is he's so annoying calling at random hours every night when im sleepin and i have a job to wake up for i do need rest! and calls at midnight, 2a.m. and 3 a.m. don't make me feel like ...yeah lemme answer right now GREAT TIMING! ...no! so back to my point i just DON'T want this guy in my life even as a friend which he did used to claim was all he wanted but now it's "i'm sorry you're everything i want" and "please let me take you out to dinner i miss you" ugh he's sounds so winy and desprate its disgusting really, it's sad i like aggressive dudes [not wife beaters thanks i mean confident& manly] he sounds like a little bitch. im sorry. but i've endured this for FOUR YES 4! years stupid late night and early morning phone calls i remember once i got so annoyed i actually text him back and said something like next time your drunk and wanna call me go for a drive instead. i've literally told him i dont want him at all ,in my life, as a friend AT ALL so many times and he doesnt quit ever. my frinds say change your number already but my thing is why change the number i've had my whole life for ONE idiot PLUS what if i change it and he somehow gets my new number THEN WHAT? changing my number would have been pointless??!?! basically i don't know what to do anymore i stopped texting him back because before my FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE TEXTS would just make him text more. so i quit and he's still dam persistant. im out of ideas someone tell me what im supposed to do im lost!
ps-we dated 4 years ago for 4 1/2 months and we broke up because i suspected him of cheating which turned out to be true he was with another girl for a whole month and i found out.
i look back and think why did i ever get with him he's NOT attractive to me and i don't remember him ever being attractive to me in fact i was REALLY into this boy from pico the whole time i was with my ex and i'm pretty sure even my ex knew that who didn't oh yeah...
the boy from pico didn't ha!!! so this quote really stood out to me we doe ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us. its sucks

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