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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

life update

Good morning texts
holding hands
when he holds me from behind
kisses on the cheek 
kisses on the forehead
i miss you texts
watching movies together
silences that aren't awkward
mutual understandings 
genuine smiles of happiness
being held in his arms
goodnight texts
long goodbyes
ass grabs
making each other laugh
cuddling especial when it's cold
napping together
talks about life, hopes, dreams
big hugs
talks that make you closer
random unexpected hugs and kisses
noticing little things about each other
waking up beside him
yeah it's pretty safe to say I'm REALLY happy right now
I wouldn't change a thing.
Everything happens for a reason, it happened the way it did 
cos that's how it was supposed to happen 
and not any other way.
I like you, you like me. BESITOS :)

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Justine Mariiie said...

fuck yeah girlie!!!! :D Im so happy for you <3