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Thursday, May 27, 2010

haven't blogged in a while

so since APRIL was a month for getting what i wanted May has been like riding a bike really. I'm officially done with school, the bills are paid and things couldn't be better at work. As for now it's about staying focused on what i want. i know what i want, so now it's time to make things happen
i'm all done at school with my english :( & psychology [of course i would take the classes i have the most interest in first!] and now i gotta finish up my buisness and math classes & start with accounting & economics wahh wahh. i switched colleges cos my old one was a fucking disaster full of low lifes and classes getting filled way too fast i CANNOT finish school taking 2-3 classes a semester it's impossible not that USF is taking any new students for another year but still i'm looking into BERKELEY, USF,CSLA & UCR to get my ba & eventually my masters. things are looking good but theres still more i wanna do so i'll make a list not in any specific order or time limit.

-save $$$ to pay off my car faster & move out!
-since i'm not in summer classes take a 2nd job or become full time at my job
basically MAKE MORE MONEY!
-stop wanting a MAC BOOK PRO since i don't NEED one :(
-ONCE i have a certain amount in my savings go get my fucking tattoos ASAP
-hit up melrose & sell my vintage shit to wasteland or somewhere
-visit SF again
-go to santa barbra or san diego for a mini road trip
-get drunk & sing at a karaoke bar
-go see a smiths tribute band
-start going to more shows
-continuously workout now every other month -__-
-go to museums more often the getty anyone?!
-read another chelsea handler book SHE'S AMAZING
-stop being such a granny & hit up those bars ya feel me?!
-go buy camille rose garcia's book the tragic kingdom i only have, the saddest place on earth
-& stay healthy & NOT be a social smoker it's a horrible habit
-ALSO try to not curse so much at least in front of people, sometimes i hear girls & every other work is FUCK, SHIT, CUNT,BITCH etc and i'm like EW you're ghetto & sound trashy it's just NOT classy i know this yet i still curse :( i'm really gonna work on it tho!

anyways that's whats new as for the love life ughhhhhhh no comment -__- actually i'll leave it as this-sometimes i break my rules for someone cos i genuinely WANT things to be different, for someone to REALLY be what i see in them, an amazing, smart, funny, decent, sweet guy, and then shit happends & i realize THIS is why i should follow my no second chances rule! DUMB BITCH! UNFORTUNATLEY ACTIONS SPEAK WAY LOUDER THAN A FEW SWEET WORDS, but fuck it i've always said you can tell a girl 1000 times, from 1000 people, how a guy is no good, a sleeze, a cheater, a loser, a low life etc. BUT until that girl HERSELF realizes it she's blind to the dudes fuck ups & never sees what everyone else sees LIFE GOES ON...
we make mistakes & hopefully learn from them! thats all there is to it.


"haven't had a dream in a long time
see, the life I've had
can make a good man bad
so for once in my life
let me get what I want
lord knows, it would be the first time"

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